Last Sunday 3rd August, 2014, @Nocento (Innocent Usar) was on this Hangout to share with us #CareerLessons from his life.

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Sam Semako:
First, as you JOIN US, INTRODUCE yourself. This is the NETWORKING SESSION on. Tell us your name and what you do! But use #CareerLessons as hash tag

TALATU USAR (@talatuusar):
@careerwisenig Hello ! Talatu Usar – MD tee el tee resources , Event Coach , Trainer and Speaker

STEPHEN ADETOLU (@smartbrainzres1):
My name is Stephen Adetolu, a Brand Management Expert. I am determined, married and blessed with 2 kids.

I am a WRITER, Speaker and Am a MIDAS #Midascnn

BUKOLA JEGEDE (@bookorla):
#CareerLessons My name is Bukola Jegede and I’m passionate about rural #youths DEVELOPMENT

BOLA (@bolalery):
@careerwisenig I am @bolalery a sexuality and Family strategist. A teen and youth coach.

FAROUK HASSAN| #SocialGood (@sirfarouk_):
@careerwisenig I am Farouk Hassan, a social entrepreneur and an #Autism enthusiast. Happy to be here!

‘DIMEJI | #iSocialNG (@cutemude):
#CareerLessons I am Dimeji Middle, a communicator, #SocialEnt, and #Digital image manager for celebs ( and those who want to be).

PAUL OLAJIDE|NationBuilder (@pauljide):
#CareerLESSONS I’m PAUL Olajide(Africa’s Foremost Action Catalyst), Motivational Speaker & a Management Consultant. I speak to Inspire…

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I met him first on TWITTER, doing what he likes to do best: #TwitterMarket and #TweetChurch!

Later on we connected on other platforms.

I REALLY want to LEARN from him today and also know him more.

He describes himself thus: •Add values,
•Develop things,
•Explore ideas,
•Start fires,
•Open doors,
•Join hands and
•Inspire excellence with People & Nations, Water & Agriculture, Business, Finance & Marketing, Technology & Internet.

Those are his areas of interest and passion.


Today, he comes up on #CareerLessons Hangout, SUNDAY, 10th August, 2014 by 7PM on TWITTER.
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Our 1st FREEBIE for tonight is: Podcast “Career & Employability Talk with Segun Akiode: goo.gl/u4vVrI

Let me ask you this QUESTION: will your life change if you meet someone that can bring about a change in your life?

Who is that person? And what will you say to that person?


I am an ordinary human being with an extraordinary way of living. This means, I put others first before me.

I love seeing people live the life they imagine for themselves. I’m passionate about seeing people’s businesses, and nations succeed. My dream is to see other people’s dreams fulfilled.

Since my dream is to see other people’s dreams fufilled, I go the extra mile to make that happen. That’s not easy

People find it hard to understand me some times because I keep a lot of things to myself while making things happen.

Tell us THREE (3) things we don’t know about you.

1. I don’t talk too much but I’m not a complete introvert

2. I read a lot

3. I’m not easily influenced.

Where and where have you worked before now?

I’ve never had a regular “job”. That may because job doesn’t look cool on me.

I may not be able to mention names of companies but I’ve been gainfully employed (and self employed)

I’ve been developing my career in the areas of agriculture, business and technology before now.

I’ve worked with some private and public companies not as a regular employee but on consulting basis.

What do you do now?

Now, I own Mavens Network through which I add values, develop things, explore ideas, start fires….open doors, join hands & inspire excellence everyday. If you check those, you’ll see A.D.E.S.O.J.I as the first letters.

I do and incorporate who I am for Mavens Network because people looks for humans to relate with.

Basically, I bring about solutions to problems in the area of agriculture, business and technology.

Give us 7 #CareerLessons you have learned from your experience.

1. Never start a career you don’t love.

2. Never start a career you can’t finish.

3. A Career is not about how much you make but how much you are developed.

4. Don’t get into a career because you see it as the only option you have.

5. If your career is not getting you ahead and it’s not developing you, kill it before it kills you.

6. Don’t work for the “devil” simply because the pay is high. You may end up paying back with your life.

7. Minimize your expenses and save towards the days you may lose your job.

Our 2nd FREEBIE: Book by Mike Nwangwa (Wisdom for The Treasure Seeker): tinyurl.com/ogyrmsk

What is 1 thing you will share with an undergraduate?

1. An excellent undergraduate starts with the end in mind. The end justifies the means

2. Find out what the end result of the study you want to embark on will be.

3. Then use that (or those) as your driving force. Life after school requires much more from you.

What is 1 thing you will say to a graduate?

@smithnwangwa @segunakiode and @KelWealth gave us FREEBIES for #CareerLessons TODAY, The 3rd FREEBIE is a BIG ONE, coming soon!

1. Welcome to the real school of life where tests/exams precedes classes/lectures.

2. You’ll face oppositions, but never give up on your dreams. Dreams do come true for those who believe

What is 1 thing you will say to someone who wants to be self employed?

1. There is no reason for becoming self employed if you have not “outgrown” your present state of employee

2. And if you have outgrown that state, then you need to increase your business intelligence

3. Also, take time to network a lot with other business persons.

Name 3 books that have INFLUENCED you GREATLY.

1. The Bible
2. Business Books
3. Financial statements (books)

Name 3 people who have INFLUENCED you GREATLY.

1. Jesus. How can a 13 year old boy know so much about his dreams?

2. My mum. She influenced me in so many ways which helped me be a better person.

3. @deoluakinyemi has been one of the major influence on my financial intelligence.

Given opportunity to start all over again, what will you do differently?

Nothing really. I’ll do nothing differently if there is no change in d situation of things as they were.

But if the situation of things changes, I’ll network with more people & build systems to make my work easier & faster.

This is for OUR PARTICIPANTS: 828708580608 load jare!

What will you like those present here on #CareerLessons hangout to do for you?

• Be the best they can be. Duplicate/multiply themselves. Learn something new everyday

• Nothing is too small. A seed doesn’t become a tree. A seed is a tree

Name 3 people you will REALLY like to meet (get linked up with).

1. Stan Lee
2. Aliko Dangote
3. Mark Zuckerberg

Can you tell us WHY you will like to meet these people?

• Stan Lee, because of his creativity in writing, publishing and producing

• Aliko Dngote, because of his creativity in business and improving national economy.

• Mark Zuckerberg, because of his passion for productivity.

I want to SINCERELY APPRECIATE everyone who STAYED with us till now! THANK YOU!!

What are your 3 QUESTIONS for those on #CareerLessons Hangout today?

1. Can you live your best life for 6 straight months if you have no active income coming in?

2. What lessons are you learning from your failures/defeats?

3. What will you do if you know you can’t fail?

I’m available to answer questions from those on the hangout tonight

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@kelwealth thanks a lot bro. Thanks for participating #CareerLessons

ENIOLA ADEBAYO(@enioalaadebayo):
@careerwisenig @AdesojiAdegbulu #CareerLessons Thank you sir for adding value to us tonight

@enioalaadebayo thanks for the opportunity @careerwisenig #CareerLessons

MICHAEL NWANGWA (@smithnwangwa):
@careerwisenig @AdesojiAdegbulu Thank you. Was worth the time. God bless u.

Thanks a lot. God bless you too “@smithnwangwa: @careerwisenig @AdesojiAdegbulu Thank you. Was worth the time. God bless u.”

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@AdesojiAdegbulu @careerwisenig “if you fail, stand up and continue. We all need to be failing forward.”

@dimbiz, dream bigger dreams. give yourself a bigger challenge. Lead yourself into greater accomplishments

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Live Your Dreams!

#CareerLessons 01: INTERVIEW with Innocent Usar, The Producer and Presenter of InnocentMinds Radio Show

Some few years ago, I was in Skye Bank with my father-in-law to do some transactions.

Then, a call came in, into my phone. I picked and it was the Producer and presenter of a TV Show.

He told me to come over that same day to his studio as he wanted me to appear on his TV show.

I went over to the studio. We did two recordings.

Some years after he invited me to speak at his event.

Afterwards, I was also on his popular radio show.

He is SO PASSIONATE about SELF DEVELOPMENT! He has a COACHING & MENTORING Centre where so many people gather every week to learn and grow.

This same man, is APPEARING on #CareerLessons TODAY at 7PM to SHARE with us on his life and CAREER LESSONS.

Good evening friends! IT IS TIME for #CareerLessons Hangout. Tell your friends. It is going to be AWESOME!!


One of my greatest desires is to see people LIVE and FIND FULFILMENT in their careers.

Tonight I have a SPECIAL GUEST in the house who will INSPIRE and CHALLENGE us.

But FEW RULES before we go on please:

1. Use the hash tag: #CareerLessons and tweet at @careerwisenig and @Nocento

2. HELP RETWEET and CONTRIBUTE when necessary.

The line up for today:
1. Introduction & Networking
2. Interview
4. Recommendations & Appreciation
5. Shout-out
6. Sponsors/partners
7. To Do.

If you are here tonight can you please INTRODUCE yourself as a participants using #CareerLessons and mention @careerwisenig.

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FARUK HASSAN (@sirfarouk_):
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Sam Semako (@careerwisenig):


Our SPECIAL GUEST TONIGHT on #CareerLessons, is a Lifestyle Coach & Wealth Creation Strategist.

He is the founder, InnocentMinds Training International. He is into Personal Development.

He is the CEO, Tee El Tee Shelters Ltd. They are into Real Estate and Property Investments, Development & Leasing.

He is the Radio & TV Host of “The InnocentMinds Show. Married with three wonderful children.

Innocent Usar (@Nocento):

Hello Sam Semako Jinadu. Hello Everyone. Thanks for the rare privilege to share at #CareerLessons Hangout today!

Sam Semako (@careerwisenig):

Can we all give a STANDING OVATION ro @Nocento our SPECIAL GUEST for #CareerLessons Hangout today!

Innocent Usar (@Nocento):

Thanks again SEMAKO and everyone on board. I am really excited tonight. To your answer.

Sam Semako (@careerwisenig):

Our 1st QUESTION tonight: Q1: Who is INNOCENT USAR?

Innocent Usar (@Nocento):
I am a soft and tender hearted individual who loves people passionately though looking tough outwardly.

I love seeing people make intentional & purposeful progress no matter how slow in their lives.

Life is an adventure sometimes coming with challenges either moving us forward or keeps us in one place.

I love to laugh and be happy rather than pretend or endure life by passing away time like others.

I love & respect family & other values that help me get balance & harmony in life, wor,k & relationships.

In life you can either be a CAUSE or an EFFECT. I am consistently wanting & desirous of being a CAUSE

I believe that those on the CAUSE side of life choose to be RESPONSIBLE for what happens to them in life.

Those on the EFFECT side have drifted and allowed things to happen to them while they blame others.

I love to respect & understand other people’s model of the world as well as the popular GOLDEN RULE.

Sam Semako (@careerwisenig):

Q2: Tell us THREE (3) things we don’t know about you.

Innocent Usar (@Nocento):

A2: I am a very shy & reserved person often showing the tough & firm side of me. I want to overcome that.

I love good music (RnB) & I dance a lot in my private when no one but my wife & kids are watching. Lol

I love suspenseful crime based movies & documentaries plus football & Arsenal is my team in the EPL.

Sam Semako (@careerwisenig):

Q3: Where and where have you worked before now?

Innocent Usar (@Nocento):

A3: Private Estate companies like Diya Fatimilehin & Co. Chris Onjewu & Co. Clem Eze & Co. All in Abuja.

Walcot Properties Abuja and MTN Communications Nigeria Limited in the Abuja Region.

Sam Semako (@careerwisenig):

Q4: What do you do now?

Innocent Usar (@Nocento):

A4: I am Lifestyle Coach, Wealth Creation Strategist, & CEO InnocentMinds International.

I am also the CEO of Tee el Tee Shelters Limited. Both are headquartered in Jos, Nigeria.

We are involved on the one hand with Coaching, Mentoring, Education, Training & Consultancy

On the other hand, we are separately into purchase, sales, lease of real estate & property generally.

We partner with non profits in some philanthropy as well as use the media in awareness programmes.

Sam Semako (@careerwisenig):

Let’s SHOW SOME LOVE to the wife of our SPECIAL GUEST @talatuusar! She is here with us.

Sam Semako (@careerwisenig):

Q5: Give us 7 #CareerLessons you have learned from your experience.

Innocent Usar (@Nocento):

A5: 1. I have learnt that a job is not a place to EARN but a place to really LEARN. Earning comes much afterwards.

2. Always ask yourself why your boss became the boss & see your boss more as a mentor than an employer.

3. Do your job as UNTO THE LORD. See God as the owner of the organization rather than the employer.

4. Be more interested in a career development path & in training rather than promotions & office politics.

5. While building your career, develop a consistent saving plan aiming ultimately at FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

6. Invest a sizeable amount of your earnings in financial literacy/intelligence & in personal development.

7. I learnt NEVER to give up on my dreams irrespective of the tough odds. NEVER to stop BELIEVING. Build relationships. Never burn your bridges. Never take credit for another person’s work. Be friendly.

Sam Semako (@careerwisenig):

Q6A: What is 1 thing you will share with an undergraduate?

Innocent Usar (@Nocento):

A6a: Be prepared for & learn far more beyond school curriculum. Prepare to BE A REAL SOLUTION TO PROBLEMS.

Sam Semako (@careerwisenig):

Q6B: What is 1 thing you will say to a graduate?

Innocent Usar (@Nocento):

A6b: Pursue your dreams no matter what it cost you. Don’t be dissuaded by doors shut in your face. THINK BIG!

Sam Semako (@careerwisenig):

Q6C: What is 1 thing you will say to someone who wants to be self employed?

Innocent Usar (@Nocento):

A6C: 1. THINK BIG. START SMALL. GROW FAST. Do a Business Plan first & start with the right business model.

2. Take care of your business yourself in the infant days b4 leaving it in the hands of others or family

3. Get FINANCIAL & BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE/LITERACY plus reinvest in your business first & consistently

Sam Semako @careerwisenig):

We are GRADUALLY getting to the END.

Sam Semako (@careerwisenig):

Q7A: Name 3 books that have INFLUENCED you GREATLY.

Innocent Usar (@Nocento):

A7A: Depending on the areas of life – in Wealth & Business:

1. THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill.

2. CASHFLOW QUADRANT by Robert Kiyosaki


Sam Semako (@careerwisenig):

Q7B: Name 3 people that have INFLUENCED you GREATLY.

Innocent Usar (@Nocento):

A7B: 1. My illiterate mother for sparking my interest in business as she battled to give us a better life.

2. Christopher Howard who with his team trained me in the UK as Master Practitioner & Trainer of NLP.

3. ADEOLU AKINYEMI who practically introduced me to Financial Intelligence & made me a better speaker.

Sam Semako (@careerwisenig):

I want to THANK everyone who has STAYED with us till now! We shall soon round off.

Sam Semako (@careerwisenig):

Q8: Given opportunity to start all over again, what will you do differently?

Innocent Usar (@Nocento):

A8: I will not limit my learning/education to school. Dream Bigger Dreams. Cut out wastes in all my spending.

Sam Semako (@careerwisenig):

Q9: What will you like those present here on #CareerLessons hangout to do for you?

Innocent Usar (@Nocento):

A9: 1. Introduce your friends & associates to the power of social media & be at our training on 23rd Aug in Jos.

2. Become a MASSIVE LEARNING MACHINE. Commit to investing big time in your personal development/growth NOW.
Sam Semako (@careerwisenig):

Q10: Name 3 people you will REALLY like to meet (get linked up with).

Innocent Usar (@Nocento):


Sam Semako (@careerwisenig):

Q11: What are your 3 QUESTIONS for those on #CareerLessons Hangout today?

Innocent Usar (@Nocento)
A11: 1. What are the 3 major mistakes or losses in your life from which you learnt the most beneficial lessons?

2. What’s the 3 things about your parents that you do not want to carry over into your career or business?

3. What excuses do you need to get rid of to consistently be a part of a forum like this one?

Sam Semako (@careerwisenig):

With GLADNESS in our HEARTS we want to THANK our SPECIAL GUEST Innocent Usar (@Nocento for coming on #CareerLessons

Innocent Usar (@Nocento):

MY DEEPEST GRATITUDE to all of you who were here & made this evening happen & for your commitment to your success.

THANKS A GREAT DEAL to SAM SEMAKO JINADU and CAREERWISE team for this platform & your unique niche & quality.

Sam Semako (@careerwisenig):

Our 4th FREEBIE which is OUR SPECIAL CAKE goes to Madam @talatuusar for RETWEETING the MOST!

Sam Semako (@careerwisenig):

I want to, once again, say a BIG thank you to our SPECIAL GUEST, Innocent Usar (@Nocento), for ENRINCHING us!

QUESTIONS: If you have personal questions for Innocent Usar (@Nocento), please ASK HIM!


Mr Usar my coach, taught me this early and its made me the better person I am today.

This I must add is a definite key to building a brand for oneself.

Many thanks!

Innocent Usar (@Nocento) and Sam Semako (@careerwiseng) Really really? Great thoughts shared today. Thumbs up to both of you!!!

Mr. Usar @Nocento mentored and helped me dream big. He is my coach here in Malaysia. I am happy and fulfilled.

Thanks for sharing.

Talatu Usar (@talatuusar):
@careerwisenig, A big thank you! You can BE DO HAVE and create anything you want.

Live Your Dreams!

7 Career Lessons from the Life of José Mourinho

The first time and best time I ever wrote any piece related to football was in between 1993 and 1994 when I was in Lagos State Polytechnic studying Food Technology.

At that point in my life, I loved writing so much. So, I wrote some really nice articles then for Pacetters Club, and League of Campus Versatiles (LOCAVS), which I joined (did I say ‘joined’, oh no, I was DRAFTED IN!) because of the article I wrote on Rashidi Yekini.

Okay, let’s fast forward. We are in 2014 now. Two people I admire in the football world, nay coaching/managers, are Alex Ferguson, the remarkable (retired) coach of Manchester United of whom I have his autobiography titled ALEX FERGUSON: MANAGING MY LIFE. And of course, the special one, José Mário dos Santos Mourinho Félix, popularly known as José Mourinho (Portuguese pronunciation: [ʒuˈzɛ moˈɾiɲu].

José Mourinho is a man whose life I have taken some time to study and I have observed that we can learn a thing or some things from him as related to our careers.

So, let’s dive in!

LESSON 1: You can TRANSIT from one position to another if your determination is strong enough.

In the early 1990s, he became an interpreter for Sir Bobby Robson at Sporting Clube de Portugal and Porto in Portugal, and Barcelona in Spain. He remained at the Catalonian club working with Robson’s successor Louis van Gaal.

You can start as a store keeper in an organisation and rise to become the Managing Director. Do you doubt that? Practical instances of people who rose from the lowest of the lowest cadres of a field/organisation to become the heads of such fields or organisations are available.

I remembered, vividly, someone I invited to speak to us way back then in 2001 in Lagos, titled his talk: How I rose from a Cleaner to Become Manager.

What am I saying, you can rise to become whatsoever you desire provided you WORK AT IT and develop yourself.

LESSON 2: TEST the waters.

Mourinho HAD brief but successful managerial periods at Benfica and União de Leiria, taking the latter to their highest ever league finish.

Success comes in stages and phases. The main thing here, is, DON’T JUMP THE GUN. Follow the process. Take chunk of tasks and be successful at them before moving to higher tasks. This way you build credibility and believability in what you can do.

LESSON 3: Results don’t lie! When you are RESULT-FUL, your results become your signboard/signage.

He returned to Porto in early 2002 as head coach, winning the Primeira Liga, Taça de Portugal, and UEFA Cup in 2003. In the next season, Mourinho guided the team to victory in the Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira, to the top of the league for a second time, and won the highest honour in European club football, the UEFA Champions League.

Results matter! In your career, no matter what you do, if you don’t get results, you don’t count somewhat. Result is your REPORT CARD!! Or you may call it your SHOW CARD.

LESSON 4: Deep Waters: When it is time to move from shallow waters, please move!

Hope you know that fishes like SHARKS are not found In shallow waters? Yes, they are found in deep waters.

Mourinho moved to Chelsea the following year and won the Premier League title with a record 95 points, the club’s first league title in 50 years, and the League Cup in his first season. In his second year, Chelsea retained the Premier League and in 2006–07 he took the club to an FA Cup and League Cup double.

In 2008, Mourinho moved to Serie A club Internazionale. Within three months he had won his first Italian honour, the Supercoppa Italiana, and completed the season by winning the Serie A title. In 2009–10, Inter became the first Italian club to win the treble of Serie A, Coppa Italia and the UEFA Champions League, also the first time Inter had won the latter competition since 1965. Beside Ernst Happel, Ottmar Hitzfeld, Jupp Heynckes and Carlo Ancelotti, Mourinho is one of only five coaches to have won the European Cup with two different teams. He won the first ever FIFA Ballon d’Or Best Coach Award in 2010. He then signed with Real Madrid in 2010, winning the Copa del Rey in his first season. The following year, he won the La Liga and became the fourth coach, after Tomislav Ivić, Ernst Happel, and Giovanni Trapattoni, to have won league titles in at least four different countries: Portugal, England, Italy, and Spain.

LESSON 5: Be Controversial, if you want to, BUT get results that pundits and critics and haters have no choice but to praise you for and chose you above others any time, any day.

LESSON 6: Be so VALUABLE that when you are sacked another organisation are glad to have you in their fold.

He told BBC Sport on what he thought of the potential of being sacked:

“If the club decides to sack me because of bad results that’s part of the game. If it happens I will be a millionaire and get another club a couple of months later.”

He is SO EMPLOYABLE. His employability quotient (EQ) is so high that he is not afraid of being sacked. How about you? Is your EMPLOYABILITY QUOTIENT high?

LESSON 7: Develop a WINNING MENTALITY, even if you fail at a task, don’t suck, and play the blame game.

Frank Lampard told BBC Sport: “He’s taken that [a winning mentality] everywhere he’s gone with him. He creates a spirit in his squads that you can see from the outside is very, very strong.”

I have never seen a man soars so high, when all he thinks about is failure or mediocrity. It doesn’t happen that way. You MUST think mountain top when your desire is mountain top. Period!

NOTE: To get my FREE EBOOK: How to THINK and BECOME SUCCESSFUL in Your Career – Powerful Career Lessons from the Life of Jose Mourinho,

Kindly drop you EMAIL and your NAME and COMMENT below.


To Your Success,
Sam Semako,
Your Career & Perception Management Strategist

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• Marketingmagazine.co.uk

Live Your Dreams!

CAREER LESSONS from The Life of Steve Onu aka Yaw of Wazobia FM.

“I love that program presented by one guy that call himself Yaw. [He] sounds funny though. You can imagine his question last Thursday:

‘Can u dress and UnCloth in front of your younger siblings?'” – Make Una Wake Show listener

Welcome to #CareerLessons with Sam Semako Jinadu

As he cruises around in his car with a customised plate number with ‘Yaw’ inscribed on it he is often greeted with shouts of ‘Yaw’ or ‘Yaw yaw yaw!’ by fans. He is the the popular anchor of Make Una Wake, the morning show between 6am to 12noon on Wazobia 95.1FM, Lagos.

His name, Steve Onu aka Yaw, a native of Awka in Anambra State, was born and bred in Lagos as the seventh of ten children of his parents. He is at present an On-Air Personality at 95.1 Wazobia FM. He is one person that is an embodiment of many things: actor, producer, presenter and Master of Ceremony. Yaw read Theatre Arts at the Lagos State University (LASU), Ojo and also holds a diploma in Radio, TV and Film Production. He was the brain behind many successful shows like the popular Tattoo Beach Party he staged at the famous Oniru Beach and Groove and Giggle Event at the University of Lagos. Yaw has so far produced four major stage plays: Po!, Private Lies, Last Molue and April Fool. And he has just concluded his personal television sitcom, YAWS N MYN, which is at present on air in Nigeria, Africa and United Kingdom.

Let’s look at some career lessons from his life:

1. Use and Do What You are FLUENT IN!


I go school small, I get Diploma for Radio, TV, and Film Production plus Degree for Theatre Arts, but d popori dia na Theatre Marketing I do. I bin dey act bofore befor for our Home Video industry before dem change d name to NOLLYWOOD. But sha o, na Stage I dey do pass, and mi sef I don try no be small as I don do pass 50 plays for naija and UK and I don work wit ogbonge ogbonge pipul dem wey get mouth for tiata. I also dey folo British Broadcasting Coporation pipul dem dey do one play STORY STORY. Now sha I dey hear WAZOBIA FM wey b d radio wey every dey sunch..I don collect plenty award sef and more still dey com. So if u no dey listin, u dey miss plenty. My blive about life na WE bfor MI…dis world go b beta place 4 mi n u…

2. Pay the Price for Greatness.

I have been in showbiz since 1995 and before I joined WAZOBIA FM, people have been calling me Yaw. I did a song with Nigga Raw in 2006, and I was bearing Yaw.

Before Wazobia FM
All that time I have been with the BBC. After that, I acted in a couple of TV drama such as, Twilight Zone and Flatmates. I was also involved with others, such as Dear Mother and Fuji House of Commotion. I was constantly featuring in different events at the MUSON Centre doing stage productions.


That is the mistake lots of people make. I also compere and do a whole lot of other things.

3. Opportunities are Everywhere.

I went to the station with a friend, Bunmi Davies to see Mr Ibrahim Abubakar and


I then told Bunmi that I wouldn’t mind taking up a job with the station. It took me about three to four months to write my C.V because I have never written any before. Eventually, I was able to write one. On the day of the interview, I just wore a shirt and a pair of jeans with a cap, which made me look very odd. The other applicants were all in suit and tie looking very corporate. But I ended up getting the job. They called us in one after the other and you drop whatever you want to drop.

4. Be Versatile

For me, it is just entertainment all the way. Being a theatre artist,


While I am talking on radio I am also doing radio acting. When I am on stage I am trying to mimic, to talk. I think it is all interwoven. I tell people that if you say you study Theatre Art and you don’t have a job, may be you are just a lazy person. Yes, to me opportunities are endless, except you don’t want to bring out that thing in you. For me, it is just a way of life and I am living it.

5. Dream Big, Start Small!

Next year will be my 20th year in showbiz.


For me, I discovered that I had it inside of me; entertainment was just a part of me. So I chased it up from time, it might not be early enough, but at least at a stage I did and I am not regretting all those things I did.

6. Work at your plan even i it doesn’t fall in place, you will get close.

Before now I thought I was going to be more popular doing TV. Yes, I was popular doing Flat mates, but it’s not like I am doing radio. So it’s not the same thing.


and then know where you are going to and all that. It might take time but it will come, that is just it for me.

7. Live for all you believe in.


If am not doing radio, I will definitely be cooking up a production, cooking up something. I have got no choice, because I have lots of stream of incomes. Somebody said that, you complain you don’t have talent, it’s because you are not hungry yet, when you are hungry, the talent will come out. You know when you pass through certain things, you will sit down and be telling yourself ‘I go fit do this thing na’.

8. See Challenges as Opportunities.


because what you call challenges, by the time you surpass it you have grown better than the day before. I don’t know if you get me? Even while trying to do the home video thing those days, and I was doing all my trekking I was moving from one place to the other and all that. I just saw it as, ‘men this is just because I know am going somewhere,’ where am going to I don’t know, but definitely I know am going somewhere and till I get there I am not going to relent and till now I am definitely not going to relent.

9. Every New Step is a Stepping Stone

The first time I appeared on TV, I believed that was the highest point for me. The first time I mounted the stage at the Muson Center, I believed again that was the highest. The first time I travelled down to London, I felt that was the highest. The first time I did Twilight Zone, Flat mate, I told myself, “yes this is the highest”. The first time I did an home video, that was the highest. When I was called to come and lift up the Olympic Torch, I told myself that was the highest. They chose 7000 people in the whole world, I was one of them, I felt that was the highest. The first day I started working with Wazobia FM, that was the highest. I have over 45/50 awards, for every point in time I get this award I use to tell myself yes ‘am still on top. I did a show recently at Eko Hotel and I felt, this was the highest.


But for every level I achieve, I give glory to God.

10. When You Are Successful, Other Things Will Fall in Place without [Little] Effort.

I was called to become MTN, Lekki Gardens ambassador. Likewise the Olympic Torch,


I didn’t lobby for them. With God all things are possible. 

11. When you are good at what you do, you will be recognised and awarded.

At a point he was voted the Best TV Actor. Won City People Award and Mode Men Award for Best On Air Personality

I think people voted; Opa Williams organised the comedy award and people voted for me. I think it was more from votes and even from radio too.


I know a few people that I love and respect a lot in the industry and I love to also listen to them, but if people’s choice is me, who ‘am I to say no.

12. Give credits when you use other people’s material.

There is piracy everywhere; they copy people’s books, scripts, songs etc. I might not have so much but I just talk on things that happen around, things I can see and those are what I joke about. But for all comedians, it is not easy cracking jokes, even some of the best comedians that we have in Nigeria watch a lot of foreign jokes and they translate it to Nigeria setting.


And don’t spoil the person’s joke, so the person will not say you spoilt it.

13. Be Humble.


If tomorrow, you and every other person stop listening to Wazobia FM, then who is Yaw. I will be nobody. So I have no choice than to remain humble. As a person, it is not even in my personality because I wasn’t raised that way although, some people test one’s patience by going to the extreme.

14. Your Experience is Your Material for Your Work.

Anything I say on radio, I always recall my upbringing to buttress that point.


Because there is always one experience or the other that will be relevant to the point, which I am trying to make, I always like to use it to encourage people by saying ‘look men, don’t think it is the end of the world’. I have gone through what I went through in the past and by God’s grace, I am where I am today.

15. Be You! Let Your YOUniqueness Shows in What You Do.


Whatever you hear me say on radio is what I say on a good day. The good thing is that the management allows me to be who I intend to be. They have not told me what to do or how to do it, and I think that is what is making the programme sell.

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Becoming a HIGHLY PAID EXPERT in Your Field!


Today we’re going to be talking about BECOMING FAMOUS IN YOUR FIELD.

But first if you haven’t yet downloaded and listened to our #HighlyPaidExpert Podcast here is a direct link:: victorbassey.podomatic.com/enclosure/2014…

When i’m talking about becoming famous in your field I’m not saying become celebrity on the cover of city people.

I mean BECOME A PERSON OF INFLUENCE on the inner circle of your industry whatever that might be

With all the competition for your client’s time and attention, you’ve got to stand above the crowd.

If you want to STAND OUT and have prospects choosing you specifically, there are FIVE KEY TOOLS to focus on.


First is your DIGITAL FOOT PRINT. I’ve said before that in today’s world you are who google says you are.

When people google you, is it immediately clear what you do?

That’s why it’s important to give serious thought to your positioning in the marketplace

Your POSITIONING is your foundation. What you do on the web creates your digital footprint.

By continuously communicating your positioning on the web, you’re creating more and more “brand real estate” for Google

Links to your website, mentions of your name these help build credibility when people are searching for answers.

Especially if the answers are the once you provide through your business.

Building a digital footprint gives you ways to communicate much faster than through one-to-one communications.

Here’s a list of things you can do to build and expand your digital image. They’re crazy simple:

• Comment on a blog post, • Comment on a news article,
• Comment on an industry website.

• Learn how to use linkedin.
• Create a solid linkedIn profile.
• On your twitter handle make it clear what you do, my twitter bio constantly gets me a call week in week out


The next really useful tool for becoming famous in your field is publishing

When you’re publishing articles, you’re no longer selling to clients one at a time.

You are building an audience of prospects and customers who are eager to work with you.

Publishing raises your VISIBILITY and your CREDIBILITY.

Focus your publishing on solving specific problems for your prospects

Some experts focus on writing and speaking about cutting edge ideas and new techniques in their industry.

Those are fine but your customers and prospects just want information that will help them improve their own lives.

Get inside the head of your customers and find their biggest pain.

Then help them out with simple, easy-to-understand information and advice.


The 3rd tool for becoming famous in your field is speaking.

Speaking is a strategic investment of your most limited resource – time.

During a speaking engagement, you’re demonstrating expertise to an entire group of people, rather than one-on-one.

You’ve heard that people rank fear of public speaking higher than fear of their own death.

That means that there are few people who are willing to stand before a group to share their ideas and information.

When you speak, you automatically stand out from all of your speaking-averse competitors.

QUESTION: How do you get speaking engagements?


That’s right. Ask. Many groups and organizations hold regular meetings for their members and are starving for content.

Start by contacting several groups frequented by your ideal clients.

Offer to give a talk packed with value for their members and watch your fame grow.


The 4th tool for becoming famous in your field is content marketing

Content marketing is a fancy term for a new movement in the marketing world.

Savvy businesses, those selling expertise type products, have turned away from old school advertising and promotion.
Now they focus on creating content that sells without being in your face.

Using content help prospects/clients get to know you, and the unique value you provide, without your physical presence.

As a #HighlyPaidExpert content is your marketing work horse.

One of the best features of content marketing is how it helps you leverage your marketing and sales efforts.

Instead of making sales calls and meeting with prospects one-on-one, your content reaches 1000s!

Content works for you, 24-7-365

So what’s “content”? Basically, it’s anything that you create and upload to your website.

Content is intended to educate or enrich your target audience.

Here are a few content marketing ideas:

• Start a podcast,
• create reports,
• put up a video,
• put up a slide on slideshare,
• post a tip of the day on twitter


The final tool for becoming famous in your filed is PR: Public Relations

PR is the practice of influencing and shaping the public’s perception of your company, your brand, service or products.

It’s not just for celebrities gracing the covers of glossy magazines,

You can harness the power of PR to make the right people fall in love with your business.

Let’s face it – readers and listeners are skeptical of advertising. They view it as self-serving boasts.

PR however, is seen as news; news that’s been vetted by an independent party – the reporter, editor or producer.

Following are a few PR tips:
• profile your company on wikipedia
• Cultivate relationships with reporters
• Start a movement on twitter.

You’d be suprised what doors #HighlyPaidExpert has opened for me in the past 6 weeks


So there you have it people, 5 TOOLS FOR BECOMING FAMOUS IN YOUR FIELD.

That’s it for today.
Got questions? FIRE!


If you still haven’t read my book THE BEGINNERS GUIDE TO BECOMING A HIGHLY PAID EXPERT, get it here: eepurl.com/hrqYU

Next week on the 12th we’ve got @emeka_nwarulor with us on #HighlyPaidExpert ON TWITTER to share some personal branding tips with us.

NOTE: This was what Victor Bassey (@MrVictorBassey) shared on his #HighlyPaidExpert session on twitter the 5th July 2014.

To reach him,
Twitter: @MrVictorBassey
Or call: +234 807 538 7707

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8 Effective Tips for any Nigerian to Turn a Blog into a Business

Do you want to just make money or you want to start an online business that will become your major source of income in 5 to 7 years time? If it’s just money you want to make, then this post will help you in a little way. If what you want to start is a business, then this post will help you a great deal.

You have heard of blogs and you have also started a blog or several blogs but you are not finding it easy to make money blogging. Please note, blogging will fetch you little money. If you want to make big money online then you need to consider turning your blog into a business. A business is what you do on your blog. If you think you can just publish post, splash your blog with Adsense and hope that you will make a dime, I’m sorry, someone who enters blogging with a business mindset will meet you where you are and earn more than you do.

To turn a blog into business, you need to;

1. start a blog about a niche people consider you an expert in.

It must be a niche people come to you for advice most of the time. Also, you must be passionate about that niche. The niche can be on something related to what you study; where you are working; what you love to do; a business you own etc. In addition, it should be a niche you can do for a long time whether part-time or full-time in years to come.

2. Write an eBook and more ebooks

This is the most logical step for many bloggers out there. If you already write on a blog, so it’s not all that difficult for you to write an eBook too. It’s easier than you think. In many cases, you can simply reformat what you have already written on your blog and turn that into an eBook with some free softwares. Even though your readers could get most of the same information for free, if you’ve established yourself as an authority, people will gladly pay you for a neatly organized and formatted eBook. With this, you can make over N 200, 000 in one month.

You can also take your e-book to another level by publishing in a hard copy for people to buy. This would be very useful for many people who may find it difficult to read an e-book. I know someone who made N 2 million in one week just printing an e-book into hard copy and selling 2,000 copies of it.

3. Start a Membership Website

A membership website is probably the most attractive business model for most bloggers. Usually, these membership websites have exclusive content that cannot be found on the blog and require a recurring payment to access.

Let’s say you set up your own membership website and charge a N 1, 000 monthly fee (which is relatively low). If in the first month, you sell 50 memberships. That’s N 50, 000. If in the second month, you sell another 50 memberships. That’s N 50, 000, plus another N 50, 000 from the 50 members from the first month. That’s N100, 000 total in the second month. If in the third month, you sell 100 new memberships. Now we have 200 total members, which is N 200, 000. And so on and so forth…

Obviously, people drop out and don’t stay members forever, but still – profits can add up quickly. Setup your membership site once, and just reap the benefits month after month.

4. Create and Sell Courses

Somewhat related to membership websites, you can create a full line of courses to help teach whatever it is you want to teach. The difference between a membership site and selling courses, is that the courses don’t necessarily have to be something that is only accessible online. Think DVD packages and audio CDs.

5. Become a Consultant or Start a Service

Many bloggers use their leverage in the blogosphere to actually launch their own consulting or service businesses that are related to their niche. Think about the type of businesses that a successful graphic artist and blogger could create. Or how about a social media expert, or an interior designer?

Yes, these kinds of businesses aren’t as “passive” because they need your direct services (at first), but it’s definitely a viable way to start earning a profit as a result of who you become on your blog.

6. Sell Something You Actually Made

Maybe you knit really awesome sweaters, or build record-breaking remote control cars. There’s no reason you wouldn’t be able to develop a following and begin to sell your creations online. What about food? (Although – I’m sure there are some strict regulations for selling any kind of food online. Better check on that before you sell your Grandma’s cookies online.) For you software developers and coders out there, maybe you’ve created some type of awesome software or program that does something we all wish we had the ability to do.

7. Start and Sell Something Innovative That’s Never Been Done Before

When it comes to innovation and blogs, the first thing that comes to mind are Jason and Evan from iwearyourshirt.com. If you haven’t heard of them, they basically get paid to wear company t-shirts. That’s it. Maybe you’d call it a flash in the pan, or a gimmick, but these guys are making bank.

You too can think of something weird and that can make you big money. Create, Sell or do them and you would be breaking a bank.

And number 8… Read and learn from this blog (Make Money Online Nigeria) everyday! You will learn more ways to make real money online, build successful online businesses and create wealth legitimately. You should subscribe with your active email address so as to get daily new updates sent to you.

So VISIT: http://makemoneyonlineng.com

ARTICLE SOURCE: Adesoji Adegbulu

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A focused, diversified manufacturing company with a heritage of integrity and good quality products, seeks candidates for employment for the following vacancy


LOCATION: Jos, Plateau State & Gerawa Kano

POSITION: currently looking for HR Supervisor who will assist develop and maintain innovative, effective and forward looking HR strategy, best practices and procedures that will make the optimum use of employees to achieve corporate objectives i.e align HR strategy, systems and people with corporate strategic objectives.

The job holder ensures high quality HR services are provided consistently, timely, effectively and efficiently to all stakeholders.


• Ensure the maintenance of up to date establishment list and carries out regular man power analysis of staff and outsourced staff.

• Assist in coordination of recruitment, training and optimal use of man power.

• Monitor staff data on sick, casual leave, attendance records and assist in the preparation of monthly HR Report.


• B.Sc or HND in any of the Social Sciences or any related field
• 1 – 2 years work experience in HR
•Strong interpersonal / social skills
•Strong knowledge of IT systems and capabilities (Microsoft word, excel etc)


LOCATION: Jos, Plateau State

The job holder should ensure that high quality medical services are provided consistently, timely, effectively and efficiently to all patients.

KEY RESPONSIBILITY: Rendering all nursing duties to patients.

JOB QUALIFICATION: Double Qualification Nurse with a Certificate of
Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife (RNRMW)

WORK EXPERIENCE: 2 – 5 Years work experience


LOCATION: Jos, Plateau State

KEY RESPONSIBILITY: Assisting the Nurse

JOB QUALIFICATION:Senior Community Health Extension Worker (SCHEW)

WORK EXPERIENCE: 2 – 5 Years work experience

AGE: 25 – 35 Years

ENQUIRIES: If your experience, personal characteristics and qualifications meet the position specifications and your personal objectives are to seek such a challenge, then come to

CAREER-WISE CONSULTS, Vintage Art Gallery, Jos Museum, Plateau State with your up-to-date CV.

Phone: 08037751551
BB PIN: 281688A4

CLOSING DATE: Friday 11th July, 2014

Negotiating Your Pay


A business owner went to town early to employ some people to work for him.

He met some who agreed to work for him at an agreed salary/wage.

After the agreement, they went to work for him joyfully.

At about 3PM while he was out to see some of his business friends, he saw some young guys hanging around.

These young guys were doing nothing. He asked them, “Will you like to work?!” Of course, they chorused, “Yes!”

So, he told them, go to my company and meet my Human Resource Manager. They did.

He actually, told them he will pay them their due salary. Joyfully, they went.

This business man, let’s call him, Mr Edward, was a generous employer. He did employed more people afterwards.

At the end of the day: PAY DAY, he told his pay master to pay these employees.

The pay master paid each the same amount. Before you know it, the employees formed a union.

Those who joined the Union, took placards and complained and protested that their pay must be reviewed.

Mr Edward came into the company at that time and saw them displaying and ranting.

He went up to them. They were still shouting, “WE NO GO GREE O, WE NO GO GREE!!!”

Mr Edward tried to calm them down. He tried, and tried. They finally decided to listen to him.

He started, “Friends, I can understand you. You need your salaries to be reviewed?! Ok.” They all shouted, “YES!!!”

He continued calmly, “Friends, I am not being unfair; didn’t you AGREE to be PAID this much?!”

Their leader, Nwachukwu, responded on behalf of the unsatisfied employees, “we didn’t understand it that way!”

The rebelling crowd shouted, “Yes, you didn’t tell us!!!”

Mr Edward replied, “If you had negotiated for more, likely I would have accepted. But you didn’t! ”
The whole crowd started buzzing like multitude of bees.

“If you want to work here, you have to decide yourself, if not you can go!” Mr Edward said with finality.

They continued to grumble. Some of them left while some decided to stay.


• There are JOBS AVAILABLE. Though we often here people complain, “There are no jobs!”

• What you AGREE to is what you will be paid.

• If you CANNOT negotiate a higher salary/wage THAT IS what you will be paid.

• Most times, it is not you are paid, it is what you can offer.

• If you can offer more, you can be paid more.

• When you decide to work for an employer, it is not longer “your time” it is the employer’s time.

• DON’T GRUMBLE against the employer, if you are not okay, RESIGN!

• If you want to DETERMINE your SALARY/WAGE, work for yourself, or INCREASE your VALUE in the marketplace.

• When you DECIDE to work for some else, you have DECIDED to EXCHANGE your TIME for MONEY!

Story and LESSONS for #NegotiatingYourPay were ADAPTED from the book of Matthew, chapter 20, from verse 1 to 16.

To Your Success,

Sam Semako,

Beyond The Gates of Unemployment


What happens after you get the job you are looking for?! Let’s talk about that with Emeka Nobis @iamemekanobis on #BeyondTheGates

On Saturday, 28th June 2014 at 7PM I invited Emeka Nobis (@iamEmekaNobis) to share on WHAT TO DO AFTER GETTING THE JOB. Or you can put it another way: HOW TO GROW YOURSELF ON THE JOB.

Below is what transpired:

Friends WELCOME to #BeyondTheGate as we talk about YOU and HOW TO GROW YOURSELF at YOUR JOB with @iamemekanobis


Emeka J. Nobis, attended the prestigious Federal University of Technology, Owerri, where he bagged a Second Class Upper degree in Industrial Production Engineering in 2003.

On graduating,he was employed to work as a field engineer in Saipem Contracting Nigeria Limited in 2006.

During his daily interactions, he observed people who lived below their performance indices simply because of the way they allowed defeatist modes of thinking to control them.

He developed passion for helping these individuals overcome their limitations.

His work with them yielded tremendous results to peaks of development and by extension, to other facets of their lives.

He is the founder of Profound Impacts International, a personal development company

Let’s welcome @iamemekanobis on #BeyondTheGates!


There are 3 main reasons we look for jobs:
(1) For the money,
(2) for the sync between it & our dreams and
(3) as a path to purpose.

There could be a mix of the three in a job or there can be one of them or two. Either way, our desire is to get a job.

The Nigeria Immigration Service job interview debacle threw to the front burner the thorny situation many Nigerian graduates find themselves in.

It’s not so easy to land that dream job in Nigeria, though jobs exist. Landing one calls for a tumultuous celebration.


• TIME: Be timely: Get to work on time. Time consciousness pays. Also, don’t scramble to leave its doors at closing time.

• FAITHFULNESS: Deploy yourself faithfully on the job: Remember that it’s someone else’s creation. The company needs your deployment.

• COMPANY’S RULES & REGULATIONS: Be careful how you castigate the company’s set rules and policies. Policies and rules change, but spoken words don’t.

• COMPLAINTS: Don’t wait and whine for the company to do everything for you. Commit your resources towards becoming better. It pays.

• SELF DEVELOPMENT: Read voraciously: Read wide, not only in your subject area. You can be an expert, but be knowledgeable in a few others.

• SEMINARS: Attend seminars and symposiums. Take evening classes if you can. Get certificationS. By all means get better!

• OFFICE REALTIONSHIPS: Relationships – with others – are a recurring decimal in the world. The workplace is no different. You’ll surely need it. You weren’t employed to sit inside a cubicle 9-5. You need to relate with other human beings. That’s essential.

You relate with colleagues, subordinates and superiors. All these classes are important. Never deride any class.

• MANAGING YOUR SUPERIOR: Your success in the organisation is indirectly related to how you can manage your boss(es). It’s key. Very key!

Your relationship with your boss is paramount. Not in a snoopy kind of way, but you’ve got to handle it strategically.

• BE RESOURCEFUL: When your boss wants to pick your brain, you’ve got make sure some stuff is within. No one likes to work with a dunce.

• YOUR BOSS, YOUR CLIENT: View your boss as your client. How do you treat a customer who is about to bring in millions into your life? You bet!

• UNDERSTANDING YOUR BOSS: Understand your boss’ strengths and weakness. You can’t influence deeply somebody that you don’t really know.

Don’t think because he’s the boss he knows all. There are areas he’s lacking. He may be foggy with numbers or spellings.

• YOUR BOSS’ STYLE: Assess your boss’ style. Is he a clinical finisher? Does he like end results without being bugged with details?
• IMPERFECTION: Your boss isn’t the perfect come-down-from-heaven-no-faults guy. He has his imperfections too.

Don’t zero in on his imperfections and use them as weapons to overpower or override him.

Bottom line is not to let your boss suffer for anything he knows you have the capability to do for him.

• SLAVING VERSUS VALUE: You shouldn’t become a slave, but you can position yourself as a person of value to earn trust and dependence.

• BOSS’ FAVOURITES: Understand that your boss has ‘favourites’ – folks that put glow to his face. You may say that this is awful.

You may say he should like everyone because it’s ideal. You don’t like everyone you see on the street, so why should he?

• ‘FACE VALUE’: What do you do to a freckled face? Apply Mary Kay on it. Wear mascara if you can. What do I mean? It’s work!

• ‘KITCHEN CABINET’: Bottom line is that if you’re not part of the “kitchen cabinet”, humble yourself and learn from them. It’s what it takes!

• EFFICIENCY: You can’t be inefficient in business and expect a smart boss to treat you like a queen or king. Raise the ante!

• ADAPTION: The work place is a melting point of personalities. You may not sell your individuality, but you need adaptation.

• FOCUS: Focus on the team and company’s goals. That’s paramount. You’re there to help the company grow.

• PROBLEM SOLVERS: The world needs problem solvers. Try to be found in the subset that untie knotty issues. It makes you relevant!

• OFFICE JEALOUSY: Don’t beef John Doe or Mary Kwiki when they receive awards or plaques for recognition. Find what makes them tick.

• OFFICE ROMANCE: Office romance is good, but be careful how you handle it. Stay off the boss’ girl or buddy. Also your colleagues’ too!

• OFFICE CLIQUES: You aren’t there to form cliques or cults. Sure there’s the desire to huddle in groups of like minds, but be wise.

• OFFICE GOSSIP: Be careful how you ‘gossip’ when you sip coffee at the machine. You can never tell who the office CIA on duty is.

• COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE: You’re a reflection of your company; the brand product people see. Reflect the values of your company well.

• SOCIAL MEDIA ETTIQUETTES: Be wise how you air your views on social media. There’s no demarcation between your company and you there.

• UNIONISM: If you must join the union in your company be sure you stand for the truth, else you’re doomed. No double standards.

• NEGOTIATION: If you think your company isn’t meeting your expectations, it’s time to negotiate. Bring your strong points forward.

When negotiations fail, leaving becomes the last option. There’s no law preventing your exit. Search for options.

• BECOMING MORE: You become an “entreprenee”; a combination of employee and entrepreneur. It’s a nice hybrid.

I’ve found that employers like entreprenees because they’ve got stuff others don’t have – guts, creativity and passion.

As an entreprenee your loyalty is still with your employer. You must balance your obligations for effectiveness.

• COMPANY RESOURCES: Use the company’s
resources faithfully and legitimately. See the company as yours. Don’t abuse privileges.

• ALL ROUND HEALTH: There’s the spiritual side to everything. Don’t neglect your soul and spirit and body. Only healthy beings can work.

• IS PRAYER NECESSARY #BeyondTheGates?: Prayer still works at the job you do. Pray for wisdom, your employers, colleagues and bless your tools too.

• THE BUCK STOPS AT YOUR TABLE: Remember that your job is inanimate and has no feelings. Your happiness and fulfilment depend on you. Keep the zing!


Thanks for tuning in to today. Thanks to Career Wise Consults (@careerwisenig) for hosting me tonight on #BeyondTheGates!

@careerwisenig thanks so much for hosting me. God bless you dearly.

@iamemekanobis Our pleasure sir!


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You can ask him QUESTIONS.

Let’s take your questions.

“@iamemekanobis, What about a boss that insults her teachers before students?”

EMEKE NOBIS (@iamemekanobis): @Jamestreams there are underlying issues regarding this and must be x-rayed.It could be issues of personality,upbringing or circumstantial.

Even Abacha or Hitler had loyal followers. There must be someone who can talk sense or report to higher authority to meddle.

In any case it doesn’t require an undercutting approach, but with tact and wisdom.

When all efforts fail, then there’s no option to work for his or her deployment away or to undergo therapy.”


BUKOLA JEGEDE (@boorkola): Thank you sirs @iamemekanobis @careerwisenig for today’s #Beyondthegates. It was Insightful. God bless you sirs.

@iamemekanobis, Thanks a million for this insightful teaching. I’ve learnt a lot.

@Jamestreams, thanks a lot James for being part. I’m glad it helped. Please download my book.

@Therapistjones: @iamemekanobis, you slam dunked this topic *removes headdress*

@Therapistjones, LOL. Please tie it back o. People fit hold you o as per kolomental levels. Thanks boss for tuning in.

Emeka Nwarulor (@emeka_nwarulor):
@iamemekanobis, Also emphasise tweet seminars/series such as these. Knowledge has gone beyond the books to the clouds.

@emeka_nwarulor, absolutely. Anywhere we can glean useful knowledge is acceptable.

Emeka Nwarulor (@emeka_nwarulor):
“@iamemekanobis: I’ve found that employers like entreprenees because they’ve got stuff others don’t have – guts, creativity and passion.”

Gush! @iamemekanobis is making so much sense, this point just hit 7 Stars! You can say that again.

Emeka Nobis: @emeka_nwarulor hahahaha. Thanks boss for the endorsement.

“View your boss as your client. How do you treat a customer who is about to bring in millions into your life? You bet!”

Emeka Nwarulor (@emeka_nwarulor):
@iamemekanobis, Word…you’ve just hit the nail on the head. I wish some folks can know this.

@emeka_nwarulor, thanks boss. That’s the essence of this exposé!

@iamemekanobis, We GREATLY appreciate you! Thank you so much chief! We look forward to having you another time.

To Your Success,

Sam Semako,
BB PIN: 281688A4

5 BASIC ‘FREEDOMS’ to Consider Before You Say ‘I Do’ to Any Career

5 BASIC ‘FREEDOMS’ to Consider Before You Say ‘I Do’ to Any Career

Career, like marriage involves much of your time, resources and investment. Come to think of it, do you know what’s involved as you say ‘I do’ to your career?

It’s always a delight whenever am invited for a wedding, the joy seen on the faces of loved ones, friends and colleagues. Then new invented steps on the dance floor, the food, drinks, and all that, which is my favourite part, and did i forget the exchange of vows? Opsss, ok, exchange of vows.

It always get me thinking if people are really prepared for the ‘I do’ they are about to say: the investment and responsibility involved.

Digging into how the society has programmed our minds will be a topic for another time. Besides financial freedom that the society paints as the main thing in choosing a career, I want to share with us the 5 BASIC ‘FREEDOM’ to consider before you say ‘I do’ to any career you’re in or wants to spend your life WITH.


Any career you’re going to say ‘I do’ to should give you room to improve and get better daily. It should give you the opportunity of emptying your purse into your head. You can only go as far in you career, to the extent to which you improve.


Not like a jealous, possessive lover, your career ought to give you the freedom to network, and rub mind with those heading for the grand slam. Learning and sharing of idea is key for any successful career.


Your career should give you time for yourself, wife, kids, friends and family members. What’s the point of working and you wouldn’t ‘flex’ your money? Or wouldn’t have time for your relationship (if you’re single), or wife and kids? Don’t get caught up in the trap of trying to work hard to provide for your family, yet depriving them of the gift of having you around.


Health is wealth they say! Your career should give you time to exercise, rest, and have time to take care of your body. You’re not a machine, your body is one of your most valuable asset of productivity. Take care of it jealously.


For any career you will be saying ‘I do’ to, it should give you time to connect and have fellowship with your Maker. There is a vacuum in man that only God can fill, not your career, money, fame or power. You need God!

Want to believe you’re better informed, than just saying ‘I do’ blindly to a career. Thanks for dropping by.

Guest Writer,
Adeh Jones,
BB Pin: 7B93D444,
Follow on TWITTER: @therapistJONES.

MENTORING+: No More Crumbs! Part 2

MENTORING+: No More Crumbs! Part 2.

“No More Crumbs. I don’t even want the loaves. The Bakery is too SMALL for me. Lord, give me the INDUSTRY…” – A quote from Steve Harris.

“You are Femi Falola?!”

He said it in a way that seems as if I was an old friend of his that he had seen for some years ago and looking forward to meet again. I acknowledged his question by nodding. He continued, “Mr Martins is already waiting for you.” He let me in with courtesy.

I walked down amidst two rolls of flowers to a bush hut the security guard pointed out to me. From afar I saw no one within it. I walked down with anxiety mixed with certain feeling of joy. Before I got half way to the bush hut I saw Mr Martins Adebanwo stepped out of the adjacent plush building in a light blue olo T-shirt and a simple but classy trouser. He looked simple and looked like your everyday young man.


He was already seated when I got to the bush hut. I walked in and greeted him, gently bowing my head as a sign of respect as we do in western Nigeria. He was quick to extend his hand for a handshake beaming a boyish smile. I stretched my body a little in order to reach out for his hand. As I got hold of his hand, he said:

“Welcome Femi! Hope you didn’t find it difficult to locate this place?”

“Not at all sir.”

As we sat down, a young man appeared from the same building Mr Martins Banwo came out from. He was holding tightly to a silver tray with two cups with and a pack of juice.

The young man set the tray in front of us and immediately left us. Mr Adebanwo unscrewed the cap of the juice pack and poured first into the glass in front of me and then into his. He immediately took a sip from his glass.

The next thing he said, “Femi, tell me about yourself.”

I spoke at length about myself while he listened attentively with intermittent sips from his glass of juice. He never interrupted my long story. At the end, he said, “Thank you!”.

“Delaying gratification is hard, but we’re more successful when we do.”

“I will also tell you my story”, he said as he laid down his glass, “but let me quickly share this with you because the turn around in my life started with this SECRET I am about to share with you.”

“Some few years ago”, he started, “I came across a famous Stanford experiment from the late 1960s where preschool children’s ability to resist the lure of instant gratification was tested. The results from this experiment yielded some powerful insights about WILL POWER and SELF-DISCIPLINE.” He paused and took another sip of juice.

“In the experiment, four-year-olds were put in a room by themselves with some candies (sweets) on some plates in front of them, and they were told that they could either take them now, or if they waited until the researcher returned 15 minutes later, they would given more candies. While most of the children said they would wait, they struggled to resist the urge to take them. It took longer, and some could not resist the urge and took the candies before the researcher returned. From the research and follow up on the children years later, it was discovered that the children who did manage to resist the urge, generally, used avoidance tactics, like turning away or covering their eyes. So, the IMPLICATION of the children’s behaviour were SIGNIFICANT: Those who were able to delay gratification were much less likely to be obese, or to have drug addiction or behavioral problems by the time they were teenagers, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, they were MORE successful later in life.”

As Mr Banwo, rounded off this story, he asked me, “Do you understand?”


Story by
Sam Semako Jinadu,
BB Pin: 281688A4
Twitter: @careerwisenig

Live Your Dreams!

MENTORING+: No More Crumbs!


“No More Crumbs. I don’t even want the loaves. The Bakery is too SMALL for me. Lord, give me the INDUSTRY…” – A quote from Steve Harris.

I met him barely two years ago. He was wealthy and influential. In between the wealth and influence is sprinkled aroma of humility. From afar you can perceive his humility.

After several encounters with him, I was forced by my curiosity to ask him to regale me with his story.

At first, he became silent. Took some deep breath, looked up and spoke up,

“I won’t be able to tell you anything now. I would like to invite you over to my house. Can you come over next week Thursday? This is my card.”

Picking out a silver-coated business card, he thrusted it at me gracefully.

I work in a company as a receptionist. My boss was a friend to Mr Martins Adebanwo, the wealthy and influential man I just mentioned to you. The first time I met him was when he came visiting my boss. Ever since, I felt that this man must have a striking story. And for me, I like learning from the stories of men.

I was elated when he gave me the invitation. He went in to see my boss after the last person in my boss’ office had left. After about thirty minutes he came out with my boss, both of them throwing banters at each other and laughing with a smack of dignity.

“I invited Seun to come over to my house on Thursday.” He mentioned to my boss as they drew closer to my desk.
“Okay, no problem!” My boss replied.

At the appointed day, my boss left me off the hook early to meet up with the appointment I had with his friend, Mr Martins Adebanwo. I was so happy.

I took a cab from my office that fateful day to Oniru Estate in Victoria Island, which was about 40 minutes drive from my office. I was so much in haste within me so much that I felt that the driver of the taxi I boarded was too slow in driving.

Finally, when we got to his house, I exhaled deeply and hesitantly. I was awed by the size and the beauty of his residence, though simple in outlook, but I could see a touch of class with which the structure was built.

I ranged the beautiful bell installed on the wall of the compound. A smart looking young man in uniform opened the small gate and came out and told me,

“You are Femi Falola?!”

He said it in a way that seems as if I was an old friend of his that he had seen for some years ago and looking forward to meet again. I acknowledged his question by nodding. He continued, “Mr Martins is already waiting for you.” He let me in with courtesy. TO BE CONTINUED next Sunday.

STORY conceived and developed by
Sam Semako Jinadu,
Lead Consultant,

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Dinner With Mentors


•Eat with
•Learn from and,
•Interact with Mentors.
Date: Sunday, 27th April 2014
Venue: Hill Station Hotel, Jos, Plateau State.
Time: 4pm
Fee: N1, 000
BB Pin: 281688A4
Call/SMS Erdoo on 080 8383 3534 to pick your TICKET. (Note: Payment before or on 25th April is N1, 000. After 25th April, N1, 500).

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Dulux Colour Centre opens in Jos in April!

Manager and Customer Service Executives needed urgently.

Manager – Graduates with experience in Sales & Marketing

Customer Service Executives – Graduates.

Please forward CV to careerwisenigeria@gmail.com and topejbanjo@grandcereals.com latest Friday 28th accompanied with application stating position and addressed to Human Resource Manager, CAP Plc, Ikeja, Lagos.March, 2014.

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Cool TV Job Opportunities

Cool TV, a new sister company of Cool FM, Wazobia FM and Nigeria Info FM is recruiting for its long awaited Family Entertainment format television in the following categories:

Email your CVs and a photo to jobs@cool-tv.tv

1. Creative and innovative Nigerian graduates in the Diaspora

2. Home grown talented Nigerian graduates and professionals who will be trained with assistance of the pioneer Bill Tush broadcaster of CNN Atlanta.

3. Shortlisted candidates shall be trained by AIM Group and eventually would be trained by Bill Tush the pioneer broadcaster of CNN Atlanta


1. Talk Show Host or Co-Host (Actors) 
2. Comedy Talk Show Host or Co-Host
3. Mimickers 
4. Ventriloquists 
5. Newscasters
6. Weather Presenters
7. Sports Presenters 
8. News Producers
9. Choreographers
10. Public Relation/Communication Specialist
11. Gymnastic Instructor

12. Coordinating Manager 
13. Deputy Coordinating Manager
14. Head of Stations
15. Chief Engineer
16. Head, Master Control Room
17. Head, Control Room (Production Studio)
18. Head, Control Room (News Studio)
19. Studio Integrated Engineer (Multifaceted)
20. IT Engineers 
21. Steadycam Operators
22. Master Control Operator (Outplay Room)
23. Head, Live Studio Control Room 
24. Bumper Expert (Control Room)
25. Head of Programs
26. Economist
27. Economic Analyst (in any field & Age group)
28. Public Relation/Communication Officer
29. Program Producers
30. News Editors 41. Cameramen
31. Disable Talent (in any field & Age group)
32. Doctors (who can present)
33. Lawyers (who can present)
34. International Political Analyst 
35. Local Political Analyst
36. Articulate Tailors
37. Script Writers
38. Politics/Science (Analyst)
39. Audio – Visual Editor
40. Reporters/Correspondents 
42. Music Expert (Control Room)  
43. Chief IT/Network Engineer 
44. Sound/Audio Expert (Control Room)
45. Video Expert (Control Room)
46. Lighting Expert (Control Room)
47. Teleprompter Operator (Control Room)
48. Jingle Machine Operator (Control Room)
49. Graphic Designer
50. Tricaster Operators (Control Room)
51. Events Experts
52. Head of Events
53. Ingest/Editor
54. Illusionists 


55. Articulate Models      


56. Photographers 
57. Social Media Marketing Specialists    


58. Wardrobe Designers 
59. Make-Up Artist 
60. Stylist (Cloth/Hair) 
61. Diminutives 
62. Psychologist (Presenter) 
63. Retired Magistrate (i.e Above 55years)


Live Your Dreams!

Corona Schools Recruitment 2014: i-Teach Graduate Teacher Trainee Prog.

Corona Schools recruitment for 2014 in form of the Corona i-Teach Graduate Teacher Trainee Programme 2014 has commenced.


Invitations for the i-Teach Graduate Trainee Programme has commenced. Interested and equally qualified persons can start sending applications for the recruitment exercise.

Corona i-Teach is a programme aimed at empowering and equipping young graduates for 21st century classroom practice, irrespective of their initial academic discipline. This 21st century teacher development programme intends to attract our nation’s most promising future leaders into the teaching profession. The programme will involve a 4 month wide spectrum core teacher and personal development training programme which will utilize various forms of training methodologies useful for adult learning and engagement.

Why Start A Career Through The Corona I-Teach Programme

•A world class educational institution with 21st century teaching tools.
•Industry competitive salary and compensation structure.
•Opportunities for personal development and structured career growth.
•Teaching is for the best brains, and you are ONE!

Qualification Requirements

•A Second Class Upper (2:1) Degree from a recognised institution in and outside Nigeria.
•Open ONLY to fresh graduates who completed NYSC not more than a year ago.
•Applicants must be within 21 and 26 years of age.
•Readiness to embrace teaching as a first and preferred career option.
•No prior teaching experience required.
•Above average ICT skills.
•Strong communication skills, proficiency in a foreign language is an added advantage.
•Application Closing Date
Not Stated so it is advisable to apply as soon as you get this information.

How To Apply for Corona Schools Recruitment 2014

Interested and qualified candidates who are interested in applying for the Corona i-Teach Graduate Teacher Trainee Prog 2014 should: http://www.coronaschools.org.ng

Note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and invited for a test.

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How I Got My Job

My friend, Mildred Talabi, a careers writer, speaker, and blogger stirred me to do this.

She wrote:
“Since writing my first book, 7 Keys to a Winning CV (published in 2011), I have had the rewarding privilege of working closely with young people to help them find jobs. Along the way, I discovered that a lot of the struggle young people have in finding work – and part of the reason for the high unemployment rate for the 16-24 age group – is in not knowing what to do when it comes to the job search process.

This gave me the idea for my second book.

I am currently in the process of writing a careers book that will provide all the answers to questions young people have about finding a job in today’s market, as well as tips and strategies for going from unemployed to employed in a short space of time. Despite the doom and gloom of the statistics, I know that there are other young people out there that have managed to find themselves a job, and if that’s you, I’d love to hear from you.”

People have challenges in getting jobs. True, it is REALLY challenging! I discover we seldom share with people how we went about our own job search.

She continues:
“…I’m after your story of the ordinary day-to-day steps you took to land the job you’re in today and the obstacles you faced along the way.”

I also want to hear your story of how you were able to get that job. Please share with us so that others can LEARN and pick lessons from your story.

You can share your story in the COMMENT section. Thank you!

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Society for Family Health (SFH) is one of the leading public health non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Nigeria,
implementing programmes in reproductive health, HIV&AIDS prevention, and maternal neonatal and child health. SFH works in partnership with the Federal and State Governments of Nigeria, the Global Fund, the British Department for International Development (DFID) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) among other
international donors. We seek to recruit qualified persons as a result of growth in our organisation. We offer professionals
opportunities for career advancement, a good working environment and competitive remuneration. We require competent
candidates for the following positions:

Senior Officer, Health Communications (African Health’s Market for Equity-AHME)-Ogun State

Ref email to: soffhccahmeogun@sfhnigeria.org;

Job Profile:
Reporting to the Territorial Manager (TM) in Lagos State, the successful candidate will lead in the mobilization of women
and men of reproductive age to access service within SFH franchise facilities and performs documentation and dissemination
of monthly activities at the field/regional level. S/He will work with and support the activities of interpersonal communication
agents in the state for active client mobilization to facilities. S/He would work with technical service and other program
directorate to provide evidence based information to inform the design and implementation of the project. S/He will also
support the participation of the facilities in the CBHIS in the state.

Minimum Academic/Professional Qualifications required for the position:
 Must have a first degree in Health/Biological/Social/Behavioural Sciences, Pharmacy or Communication Arts. A
masters degree will be of added advantage
 Must have a minimum of three (3) years post NYSC working experience in an NGO or similar organisation at the field level.
 Must be able to communicate proficiently in the dominant language of the region.
 Must be attuned to and be comfortable with the culture/traditions of the people within the state.
 Must be excellent at report writing and possess strong M&E skills.
 Must possess good knowledge of and experience with modern family planning methods.

Senior Officer, Field Office Program Coordinator (African Health’s Market for Equity-AHME)-Ogun State

Ref email to: sofffopcahmeogun@sfhnigeria.org;

Job Profile:
Reporting to the Territorial Manager in Lagos State, the successful candidate will work with the Health Communication
Coordinator (HCC) to ensure that all SFH Franchise service delivery activities and/or interventions are implemented in a timely
manner at the regional level. With the support of the TM, franchise and other team members, the FOPC will work with
stakeholders to identify and select facilities for interventions, conducts clinic support days/Supervisory Support Visits (SSVs) as a means of capacity building for the providers and ensuring quality of care to women, children and their families. S/He will maintain a database of all Social Franchise service areas. S/He ensures availability of all SFH products in franchise facilities
and maintains database of franchise of related facility service.

Minimum Academic/Professional Qualifications required for the position:
 Must possess a medical (MBBS/MBChB) or Nursing degree (B.Sc Nursing) with current registration with
appropriate national regulatory bodies. A Masters degree in Public Health (MPH) or health promotion/management
will be of added advantage.
 Must have a minimum of three (3) years post NYSC working experience in international health and/or family
planning programmes.
 Must be able to communicate proficiently in the dominant language of the region.
 Must be attuned to and be comfortable with the culture/traditions of the people within the state.
 Must be excellent at report writing and possess strong M&E skills.
 Must possess good knowledge of and experience with modern family planning methods.

Compensation & Benefits:
The compensation package for these positions is very attractive and designed to attract, motivate and retain talented

Method of Application:
A one page application letter (using the position reference as subject), addressed to the Deputy Director-HR, clearly providing evidence of competences required for the job, current remuneration, as well as a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae indicating
clearly your valid telephone numbers, e-mail address and current contact address, should be sent latest two (2) weeks from the date of this advert to the email address beside the job you are applying for. Candidates without the minimum requirements
need not apply. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

*SFH is an equal opportunity employer.

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6 Ways to Create a Memorable Customer Experience

Six Ways to Create a Memorable Customer Experience By Sydney Barrows

It is often the little details that customers recall even more than the product they purchased or the service they received. Little details that customers notice, and that makes them feel good about not only making the purchase, but making the purchase from you, is a significant part of the overall customer experience. Here are six ways to go above and beyond good customer service and boost customer loyalty.

1. Attentiveness
New York restaurateur Danny Meyer is a master of detail, and his employees are trained to notice, and when appropriate act on, even the tiniest scraps of information they observe or discover about a guest. If you happen to mention when making a reservation that it’s a birthday dinner, the manager will make it a point to come to the table and extend Danny’s birthday wishes to the appropriate person. If a staff member overhears a conversation in which one of the guests mentions they either like or dislike something, within minutes, everyone who might come into contact with that guest knows about it. And they tailor your food accordingly, too.
For those to whom attentiveness is important, the experience one has when dining at any of his restaurants is a pleasure that is second to none. It’s no wonder that his restaurants regularly battle with each other for top ranking in the”Most Popular”list on the Zagat guide. His book, Setting the Table, is a treasure trove of wonderful businesslessons that all businesses could modelin one way or another, and it’s a great read to boot.

2. Recognition
Greeting your customer by name is a very meaningful and treasured detail that adds greatly to the way they experience doing business with you. If your office works by appointment, the receptionist should make sure he knows just who will be walking in the door next, and immediately greet them with eye contact, a smile and”Good morning, are you Mr. Morgan?”if she isn’t sure if it’s Mr. Morgan, or simply,”Good morning Mr. Morgan”if he is. One of the things a friend of mine always mentions when talking about her plastic surgeon is,”I love going there because they always know who I am and are happy to see me.”
There is nothing more flattering, there is nothing that makes someone feel more special than receiving a warm, friendly greeting by name when walking into a place of business.

3. Personalization
Don’t we all have a story about the coffee shop waitress who doesn’t ever need to be told how we like our iced tea, or the diner where the cook starts to make the same thing you always order the minute he sees you walk in the door? The salesperson who sends gifts in pink because she remembers that’s your favorite color. The florist who never puts a particular flower in an arrangement because they remember it makes you sneeze or the wine shop that calls you when a certain vintage comes in because they know you’re partial to it. These experiences add value, and they also instill an enormous amount of loyalty.
Is there anything you and your staff can do to ensure your customers know that you not only pay attention to their preferences, but remember them and cater to them for each and every transaction?

4. Consideration
Do you or your staff regularly walk customers to the door and open it for them as they’re leaving? Do you or your employees regularly help customers carry their purchases to their car, particularly”women of a certain age”or anyone who appears frail or a bit unsteady on their feet? If you have a waiting room and some of your clientele are older, do you have chairs that are a bit higher than usual and have arms on them so they are easier to get in and out of?
When customers buy something that includes an outside component that’s integral to its use or makes it more user-friendly, do you ask if they have that thing or if they still have enough of it left? For example, if you sell birthday cakes, do you have candles to go with it? If you have a pediatric dental practice, do you have a little stepstool in the bathroom so the child can reach the sink? If you have a business that makes keys, do you have something that could be put on the key to identify it so the customer will always remember what the key is for?

5. Appreciation
What do you do to show your customers, your clients or your patients that you appreciate them? After all, there are probably several other businesses that do what you do. Do you show the customers who choose to patronize you that you value and appreciate their business? Feeling appreciated is an experience that is universally meaningful.
You could invite special customers to a sale a day earlier than the general public or you could have an invitation-only event one evening and give”VIPs”an additional X percent discount. You could gift-wrap their packages or periodically give them that thing they often buy for free. If you’re product is a service, offer a free check-up.
Always be sure to let them know that you are extending this extra to them because they are a valued customer and you want to show them that you appreciate them. And one of the easiest and most overlooked ways to show them appreciation is to send a handwritten note on lovely stationary.

6. Delight
Put a smile on their face and in their heart. You can do something special for their child, their parent, their pet. Make them laugh, thank them in a showy way for a major purchase, have a contest or a drawing for something fun that they could share with family and friends. Serve warm, freshly baked cookies in your office, give their child a bunch of balloons, offer a nice snack mid-afternoon.
The sum of the parts is greater than the whole.
Meaningful, memorable, fun, unusual and unexpected experiences influence the way customers perceive you in general and feel about you in particular. These little details are so easy to overlook, so tempting to brush off as unimportant. But add a number of seemingly minor details together, and you end up with something of far more value than you would without them.
It’s the little details that keep a customer coming back over and over, it’s the little details that cause a customer to rationalize paying more because she feels she is getting more, it’s the little details that keep people talking about you and recommending everyone they know to you.
Anyone can do the big things right; it’s the little things that differentiate one business from another and that influence customers to choose one over the other. Often, small-business owners cut out the little details when times get tough, and this is a big mistake. Attentiveness and recognition cost nothing, nor do personalization and consideration.

Sydney Barrows
Follow @SydneyBarrows
Sydney Biddle Barrows is a New York based business consultant and recognized expert on the customer experience. You can find out more about her coaching programs, consulting practice and her newest book,Uncensored Sales Strategies, athttp://www.sydneybarrows.com.

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I need your SUPPORT!! PING/INBOX ME/TWEET AT ME if you desire to SUPPORT ME and let’s talk.

One of the GOOD THINGS happening in Jos, Plateau State is what is called PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT + WORKPLACE INTELLIGENCE WORKSHOP!

The event comes up Saturday, 1st March 2014 at Hill Station Hotel, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. Time: 8am

So, I am asking for your SUPPORT in the following ways:
1. Help use our FLYER as your DISPLAY PICTURE on TWITTER, FACEBOOK, BBM, etc


3. VOLUNTEER as AN OFFICIAL on the day of the event.

4. Help us POST the invite of this programme on your facebook page, twitter handle, BBM, etc

5. If you have a BUSINESS, you can BECOME A PARTNER for this event by supporting us with your products/services or support us financially.

6. Help us TWEET, RETWEET, POST, REPOST, etc the event with this hash tag #PMWIW before, during and after the event

7. Help us FINANCIALLY by paying for an/some items on our budget for the event (You can request for the budget). We will, with GRATITUDE, receive your SUPPORT. We will MAKE MENTION of you/your business before, during and after the event

I want to SINCERELY say THANK YOU for RESPONDING to my request.
Yours sincerely, Sam Semako Jinadu, CAREER-WISE CONSULTS
BLOG: https://careerwiseconsults.wordpress.com
WEBSITE: http://www.careerwiseconsults.com
BB PIN: 281688A4
Twitter: @careerwisenig

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A leading Telecoms and ICT company, Trade Partner to one of the major network operators in Nigeria with Headquarters in Jos and offices in Bauchi, Gombe, Bukuru, Ningi, Toro, Azare, TildenFulani, Vom, Tafawa Balewa.

Due to strategic expansion, they require ambitious and intelligent persons with high degree of integrity, capacity for hard work and ability to work with minimum supervision in the following positions:

1. Accountants
Qualification: B.Sc/HND in Accounting. Working experience. ICAN or ANAN will be an added advantage (candidates must have strong computer skills, not more than 45years of age)

2. Data Entry Clerks
Qualification: OND in any discipline (candidates must have strong computer skills with good working knowledge of Excel, not more than 40years of age)

3. Cashiers
Qualification: OND in Accounting/Business Admin, Banking and Finance (candidates must have strong computer skills, not more than 40years of age)

4. Account Clerks
Qualification: OND in Accounting/Business Admin, Banking and Finance (candidates must have strong computer skills, not more than 40years of age)

5. Operations Managers
Qualification: B.Sc/HND in any discipline. Must have an experience working in a Telecom’s company. This is an added advantage.(candidates must have strong computer skills, not more than 45years of age)

6. Inventory Officers
Qualification: OND in any discipline (candidates must have strong computer skills, not more than 40years of age)

7. Internal Audit Executives
Qualification: B.Sc/HND in Accounting. Working experience. ICAN or ANAN will be an added advantage (candidates must have strong computer skills, not more than 40years of age)

8. Internal Audit Clerks
Qualification: OND in Accounting/Business Admin/Banking and Finance (candidates must have strong computer skills, not more than 40years of age)

9. Sales and Marketing Managers
Qualification: University Degree/HND in any of the Social Sciences. Experience working in any Telecoms or FMCG company is an advantage. Candidates must have strong computer skills, not more than 45years of age.

10. Corporate Sales and Marketing Executives (Full time & Part time)
Qualification: University Degree/HND/OND in any discipline. Candidates must have strong computer skills, not more than 40years of age.

11. Sales and Marketing Executives (Full time & Part time)
Qualification: Minimum of OND in any discipline. Candidates must have strong computer skills, not more than 40years of age.

12. Sales Officers
Qualification: Minimum of OND in any discipline. Candidates must have strong computer skills, not more than 40years of age.

13. Customer Care Officers (Female)
Qualification: Minimum of of OND in any discipline. Candidates must have excellent interpersonal and computer skills, not more than 40years of age.

14. Admin Officers
Qualification: Minimum of OND in any discipline. Candidates must have strong computer skills. Experience working in any media organisation is an advantage. Not more than 45years of age.

15. Public Relation Officers (Full time & Part time)
Qualification: Minimum of OND in any discipline. Candidates must have strong computer skills. Experience working with any media is an advantage. Not more than 45years of age.

16. Marketers (Full time & Part time)
Qualification: Minimum of SSCE. Candidates must be STREETWISE. Not more than 40years of age.

17. Drivers
Qualification: Minimum of SSCE or Driving School Certificate.

INTERESTED? Come to CAREER-WISE CONSULTS office: Vintage Art Gallery, Jos Museum, Jos, Plateau State with your CV and Credentials.
BB Pin: 281688A4

NOTE: You will have to pick a Service/Processing Form with CAREER-WISE CONSULTS for N1, 000.

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Why Won’t You ATTEND This Event?

#‎Invitation :
I want to INVITE you to Perception Management + Workplace Intelligence Workshop (Season 3)

…Changing perception, transforming the workplace!

This year 2014 we want to look at CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT (Capacity Development in Technology Driven Society and Workplace).

This is about developing the skills, knowledge, and learning the strategies and techniques to cope with the emerging trends and challenges in our technology driven society and workplace.

So, the next Perception Management + Workplace Intelligence Workshop comes up on Saturday, 1st March, 2014
Time: 8am (Pre-Programme Networking Session and Registration)
Venue: HILL STATION HOTEL, Jos, Plateau State.

Apart from our KEYNOTE SPEAKERS, we have Break-Out SESSION:

•Social Media: Its Benefits and challenges in the workplace

•Customer Service: Delivering a WOW! Service in our Workplaces

•Marketing: 21 Simple Ways Attract Customers Without Sweating Using Mobile Devices, Social Media Platforms, and Offline Methods

•Person Finance: Enjoying Financial Freedom as an Employee

•Perception Management: The Role of Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, & Google in Shaping How You Are Seen

•Workplace Ethics: How to Handle Office Politics

1. The target participants for this event are workers in any sector. We have, in the past had participants from DSS (State Security Service), Nigeria Police Force, Nigeria Prison Service, EcoBank, Hamaz Communications, Juth, Pro-Health Intl, Sacred Scholars Academy, St. Luke’s Private School, National Youth Service Corps, Hill Station Hotel, Jos, Highland FM (Radio Nigeria), Jos, Plateau Radio Television Corporation, AIESEC, NAFDAC, etc

2. The duration is between 8am and 1pm. We have 3 Keynote speakers for 15 minutes each.

The BREAK-OUT SESSION is 45minutes and 15 minutes for Q & A. It runs concurrently. Participants will pick a topic that best suit their needs.

4. Practical Networking

5. Products & Services Presentation

6. Then, minor activities like announcement, acknowledgement of special guests, sponsors, partners, etc.

7. To FOLLOW this event on TWITTER and FACEBOOK, use this HASH TAG: #PMWIW.

Our facilitators are men
and women of diverse experiences in their chosen fields.

You can PRE-REGISTER your friends, co-workers, and yourself by sending your NAME, WORKPLACE, PHONE NUMBER, and E-MAIL to 08037751551.

We look forward to hearing from you.

To your success,
Sam Semako Jinadu,
Vintage Art Gallery, Jos Museum.
BB Pin: 281688A4

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IDEAS meet INNOVATION – Talk Village International

Pre-IWIMW 2014…10 Speakers ..5 Sessions..1 Message

Talk Village International to host over a hundred young women media experts at the Pre-International Women in Media Workshop Lagos, Nigeria.

::: Theme: Ideas meet Innovation :::

An event to bring together top Young Female media experts in the areas of:

Visual media
Online media
Film making
Brand strategy
Media Costume Making
Mobile Marketing and Branding

One-on-One Mentorship program
Exclusive Breakout sessions
Media Street Walk : from 9am, delegates who wish to hit the street to shoot..Photos and/or videos can join.

Meet world-class Young speakers and trainers in the Media industry.(Free Mentorship session available)
Professional opportunities and Internship.
Certificate of Participation

Date 15th March 2014
Registration fee covers conference materials, Mentorship, Certificate of participation, Lunch, Facial Makeup and free wi-fi at the venue.

Register now at :www.iwimw2014.evenbrite.com

For partnership, sponsorship, and Participation. Please call- 08078686167 or 08091167131.

Follow us on Twitter @talkvillageint

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7 Tips for Turning Your Blog into a Book

7 Tips for Turning Your Blog into a Book

I came across this and I felt I should share with you:

As the blog-to-book trend continues on its upward curve, more and more bloggers see their blogs as gold mines filled with nuggets of content waiting to be extracted, refined and cast into books (and, if they are doing it right, they’ve followed the rules on how to write a blog). Writers, on the other hand, historically have balked at becoming bloggers. Many aspiring and published authors turn to blogging simply because this technology offers a highly effective way to promote their work. They maintain the attitude that their blogs pose a distraction from their real writing endeavors—those that produce actual book manuscripts. These writers don’t realize the valuable commodity they leave unmined.

If you have a blog, there’s a high likelihood there’s a book in there somewhere—or at least the beginning of one. Don’t let that book go to waste. Turn your blog into a book, or “book it,” as author and book designer Joel Friedlander likes to say. Repurpose your blog content into a book.

Booking a blog may seem simple to do, and a variety of services and blog plugins allow you to go straight from blog to book. Yet, there’s more to turning a blog into a book than simply loading posts into a program and hitting a button that sends it to epub or print—at least if you want to produce a book that’s up to traditional publishing industry standards.  In fact, some of the things you need to know about booking a blog are inherent towriting books as opposed to blogs. This makes writers particularly equipped for the job.
Here are seven tips on how to book a blog and turn out a professional manuscript—one with a high likelihood of achieving self-publishing success or landing a traditional publishing deal—in the process:

1. Pick a unique angle for your book.

You may already have blogged a book if you’ve been blogging for a long time and have focused your efforts on one topic. Indeed, your blog may represent the foundation of your book. Even so, you might still need to choose a unique angle for your book based upon competing books. On the other hand, if you’ve jumped from subject to subject with no clear direction as you’ve blogged, your blog may be a repository for nothing other than a jumble of vaguely related posts. In this case, you need to hone your book topic and determining if you have previously blogged even part of a book.

2. Create a content plan for your book.

Begin your project by creating a mind map or conducting a brainstorming session to flesh out the content thatneedsto be in your book. Come up with a full table of contents or an outline based on the book you want to write and on the most marketable book, not on the blog you’ve already written. Don’t get stuck looking at what you’ve already published on your blog; this may not represent the best or most complete book.

3. Mine your blog for posts that fit the content plan of your book.

Once you have a content plan, find the published blog posts relevant to the chapters you’ve outlined. Search for them in the categories you’ve created, which is where most bloggers “file” posts by subject matter. Also search for them using the “tag” or “label” function in your blog program; if you’ve used them correctly, you should have assigned each post tags or labels when you published them. When you find an appropriate post, copy and paste it into a word processing document, thus creating a manuscript. When you are done with this process, you’ll know how much you need to write (or cut) to finish your book.

4. Blog your missing content.

If you find you must fill in large gaps in your manuscript, work smarter rather than harder. Blog those sections. By so doing, you continue to promote your book and build author platform—a fan base of loyal blog readers—as you arerevisingyour manuscript.

5. Edit your manuscript prior to going to print.

Don’t make the mistake of using one of the quick and easy services that allow you to just pick the posts you want in your book and then convert them into a book without ever editing or revising them. See your blog, and the manuscript you create from it, as the first draft of your book—and likely an incomplete one at that. All manuscripts needediting and revising. Edit it yourself, and then have it professionally edited.

6. Entice publishers and readers with unpublished material.

Include new content in the ebook or printed edition of your booked blog. A few new chapters, interviews with experts, case studies, or any special features that did not appear on the blog will drive book sales by loyal blog readers and make a publisher more interested in your blog-to-book project.

7. Blog your next book.

While booking a blog offers a superb way to repurpose your great blog content, the more efficient way to produce a book on a blog involves blogging a book—writing one from scratch. Searching out content for a book and then making it fit into your content plan can prove a long and tedious task. A booked blog manuscript can need a lot of revising and editing because you blogged content wasn’t originally written with a full-length book format in mind. So, next time you want to write a book, map out your content in post-sized bits in advance. Then write your book on your blog. You’ll produce a manuscript quickly and easily and promote it in the process. Plus, you’ll end up with a first draft of your book that needs much less editing and revising because you set out to write a book rather than a blog.

About the Writer:
Nina Amir (www.ninaamir.com), Inspiration-to-Creation Coach, inspires writers to create the results they desire–publishable and published products and careers as writers and authors. She is the author of How to Blog a Book, Write, Publish and Promote Your Work One Post at a Time (Writer’s Digest Books), and a seasoned journalist, nonfiction editor, proposal consultant, blog-to-book coach, and book and author coach with more than 33 years of experience in the publishing field. Additionally, she is a popular speaker on topics related to publishing and writing and the regular writing and publishing expert on the Dresser After Dark radio show. The founder of Write Nonfiction in November, she writes five blogs, including Write Nonfiction NOW!and How to Blog a Book, and has self-published 10 short books.  Also a popular human potential and spiritual writer and speaker, in all she does Amir encourages people to combine their purpose and passion so they Achieve More Inspired Results.

To your success,
Sam Semako Jinadu
Career Development Strategist and Lead, Career-Wise Consults
BB Pin: 281688A4

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CAREER STRATEGIES: 20 Little Things That Matter


1. Draw up Achievements Goals/Targets for 2014 – Excitement/fulfilment comes through achieving goals. #CareerStrategy2014

2. Don’t try to achieve too many things at a time. (CLOGGING) – Remember, eat an elephant by a bite. #CareerStrategy2014

3. Strengthen Your Personal Brand by Using #SocialMedia Platforms – The world is your stage! #CareerStrategy2014

4. Don’t Remain Ignorant and Stupid – what you don’t know, ASK! RESEARCH!! Google is your friend. #CareerStrategy2014

5. Collaborate with Others – Your ‘genius’ is not enough; you need others to help you soar. #CareerStrategy2014

6. Dream but don’t drag your feet – Give your dreams wings by acting on it. #CareerStrategy2014

7. Your MIND is your FACTORY! – Feed your mind with RESOURCEFUL resources. #CareerStrategy2014

8. Write A Book! – There is a book in everyman. Everybody has a got a story to share; some lessons to relate. #CareerStrategy2014

9. Be Committed – But to your commitment ADD competency. Sharpen your skills and update your knowledge base. #CareerStrategy2014

10. Be Generous with praise, appreciation, for your colleagues, bosses, friends, and networks. It will BOOMERANGS! #CareerStrategy2014

11. Don’t Always Be On The Fast Lane – Sometimes S.L.O.W Down, S.T.O.P and REFLECT. Speed doesn’t guarantee success. #CareerStrategy2014

12. Boost Your CV – Enrol in a course, online or offline. Learn a skill. Volunteer. Go for a training. #CareerStrategy2014

13. Get a Support System – Never walk/work alone. You need the support of your colleagues, and networks. #CareerStrategy2014

14. Learn How to Communicate Well – Written and spoken communication can be learned. They enhance your personal brand. #CareerStrategy2014

15. Focus on Getting Results – Results speak! They are TESTIMONIALS!! #CareerStrategy2014

16. Never Run Your Boss Down – Don’t speak ill of your boss, keep quiet if you don’t have good to say about him/her. #CareerStrategy2014

17. Don’t Gossip! – Don’t join the ‘HALL WAY/CORRIDOR WISPERERS’. It is not good for your REPUTATION. #CareerStrategy2014

18. Package Yourself Well! – Dress as you want to be addressed. Dress for the occasion. Dress appropriately. #CareerStrategy2014

19. Work with the intention of making impact. – Many work for money, be different; work to leave a huge FOOTPRINT. #CareerStrategy2014

20. Manage Your Perceptual Assets – Read “Build Your Reputation” Download FREE here: tinyurl.com/nu7dtwe #CareerStrategy2014

To your success,
Sam Semako Jinadu
Career Development Strtegist and Lead, Career-Wise Consults
BB Pin: 281688A4

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The Pursuit of HappYness – 1 Most Important Thing That Will Change Your Career and Life 2014

Why are you working? Why do you wake up every morning and go to work?

I know you must have seen the MOVIE called “The Pursuit of Happyness” [if not, look for it and watch it]. Don’t worry about the “Y” in the “HappYness”. We would talk about that when we get there.

The “Pursuit of Happyness is based on a true story about a man named Christopher Gardner. He was brought to Nigeria to speak to individuals and corporate organisations some few years ago.

I came across his book, before seeing the movie which, any day, any time, is an inspirational movie (and book) for me. Gardner (acted by Will Smith) has invested heavily in a device known as a “Bone Density scanner”. However, they did not sell as he had imagined. Eventually, his wife left him with a son (Will Smith’s real son) to take care of with no house to live in and no money to care for the son and himself. Forced to live out in the streets with his son, Gardner, desperate to find a steady job; he took on a job as a stockbrokering intern for 6 months without pay where only one out twenty interns can only pass.


“Any dream or vision or business, that you haven’t INVESTED time into cannot give you dividends/results.”

Chris Gardner life eventually changed, but he had to pay a price of INVESTMENT of TIME and CONCENTRATION. That is the IMPORTANT point for me in the movie.

I have also observed the life of great men in our society and far beyond; the give their lives to venture they believe in.

“Life is about INVESTMENT.”

If you are supposed to start working on your dream/vision/passion/business now and you keep pushing it forward, the time you could have invested, you will have to invest eventually

This year, 2014, I think we should INVEST our time on these things:

1. Invest time in dreaming up your dream/vision

2. Invest time in researching your vision/dream/your focus/ your would be business/your passion/your future/your niche/your enterprise, etc

3. Invest time in spending time with mentors and models!


5. Invest time in PRAYER and praying!

6. Invest time in books and reading

7. Invest time in EXPOSING yourself to PLACES similar to your dreamland/visionland/futureland

8. Invest time in RAISING other people in line of your dream/vision

9. Invest time in spending time with supporters/partners/helpers of destiny/helpers of your dream/vision

10. Invest time in spending time with people who are going where you are going

11. Invest time in studying ‘failures’ in the line of your vision/dream/business/ministry, etc

12. Invest time in planning the future of your dream/vision/business, etc

13. Invest time in DOCUMENTING your vision/dream/business/passion, etc

In finance, investment is putting money into an asset with the expectation of capital appreciation, dividends, and/or interest earnings.

So, regarding your dream/vision, your dream/vision is your ASSET which you need to INVEST time into in expectation of appreciation in the near future Or earning/dividends.

Some dividends of your dream or vision starts from knowing that you are fulfilling destiny.

1. Satisfaction or fulfilment, or joy that passes all understanding.

2. Of course, with time favour from different places, access to places of importance, and access and friendship with great people all of the whole world.

3. Then, Increase in your knowledge and expertise.

4. Influence,
5. Prestige,
6. Money,
7. Peace of mind,
8. Even, protection, I mean God’s protection, because when you are in your God’s chosen purpose, you automatically enjoy God’s protection from accidents and unwarranted happenings


Another thing you need to take note of is, investment involves RISK!

What I mean is, when you decide to PURSUE your LIFE PURPOSE, DREAM, VISISON, people who are not seeing what you are seeing always term you ‘foolish’. They tell you why pursue (invest time) into that, when you can get a ‘secured’ job. Let me say it here plainIy: the PURSUIT of your dream/vision/passion will COST you something!

It will COST you!! It will DEMAND your time. It will DEMAND your ENERGY. SOMETIMES, it will COST your friends (you may be forced to leave them because they are always antagonising you because they cannot see what you are seeing of your future)!


The term investment is usually used when referring to a long-term outlook. The most famous and successful investor of all time is Warren Buffett. Buffett has advised in numerous articles and interviews that a good investment strategy is long term and choosing the right assets to invest in requires due diligence.

The same thing with your dream or vision or business.

All I am saying is that, let’s take care to concentrate more on those things that are REALLY IMPORTANT to us this year.

To your success,
Sam Semako Jinadu,
Career Development Strategist with Emphasis on Perception Management.
BB Pin: 281688A4

Live Your Dreams!

7 Things That Will Work Against You in your JOB SEARCH in 2014

7 Things That Will Work Against You in your JOB SEARCH in 2014


Years ago, as we were about graduating from the university, our Head of Department, the then Dr Olajide Ojo, Phd., called our set (the Final Year Students) into a class. The first thing he told us then was, “Let’s forget about Philosophy as a course, let’s talk about LIFE!”

He took us through issues about our course of study and issues beyond the school wall -the marketplace. He made us realise that beyond what we studied, we can traverse different fields in the marketplace. But, this will not be done without broad knowledge about what is available and what is not available (that can be CREATED/INVENTED). He made us realise that our Degree was an INCONCLUSIVE EDUCATION.

I have meet several graduates who thought since they are ARMED with a Degree, it is their BATTLE WEAPON, and BATTLE READY for the marketplace. Of course it is, but in the marketplace, there are other requirements aside the certificate. There are several things job-seekers are doing wrong which consequently work against their prospects of landing a job.



Through out all the years I spent in the polytechnic and in the university, I was not for one day taught HOW TO search for job. We were not taught how to create CVs. Let alone taught how to prepare for job interview. Therefore, when our graduates stumble out of the so called ivory towers, they are ill-prepared for what awaits them in the marketplace. The first CV I ever created was a PHOTOCOPY (sorry, I mean, I copied someone else’s and substituted my name and other personal data). I was ignorant of how to craft a CV. In my work as a Career Development Strategist, and as member of job interview panels, I have come across similar and worst CVs which were disgusting and uninviting.


Another thing I have observed, majority of our job-seekers are always seeking for the same job-types -they are all searching in the same direction. When they hear or read that Nigeria Immigration Service is employing, they all move in that direction. When Nigeria Police Force is recruiting, what do you expect, the same set of job-seekers send in their applications. Next, Nigeria Civil Service is employing, quickly, they all send their applications in the same direction. When you see the number of job-seekers who apply and stampede interview venues, it even puts fear in the job-seekers themselves and put the interview panel in great distress.


Why will you get a job if you keep doing the same thing everybody is doing. We are so CONVENTIONAL in our thinking and ways of doing things that we hardly think outside the box as they say. We are more like a one-way traffic in our job searches. After graduation, and NYSC, the next CONVENTIONAL thing to do is create (did I say ‘CREATE’, no, copy and paste someone’s CV) our CV, send them with our applications to CONVENTIONAL organisations and companies for CONVENTIONAL jobs openings because we STUDIED conventional courses. Next, we wait for them to call us up for employment. Hmmm…that is why we wait SO LONG! Because others are waiting too. Others (that passed out 3-5 years ago) are waiting too.


JOB-SEEKER: My name is Justin Balewa…I’m a graduate of ****, studied Clothing, textile and interior decoration. Finished service in Oct last year, still looking 4 a job..

SMK: Ok. I love the course you studied!

JOB-SEEKER: So the tin is, I’m kinda lost…with a course like that its hard to get a job…unless u start up something of your own, which I don’t have d resources for now…

SMK: When you say resources, what do you mean?

JOB-SEEKER: Like capital. I need to build a career in something…d pressure from home is becoming unbearable…

SMK: When you say CAPITAL, what do you mean?!

JOB-SEEKER: Finding a job isn’t dat easy either…I’m just confused. Like..I hv plans yea, but I need money to make something happen.

SMK: So, what are your plans?

JOB-SEEKER: Well, I wanna set up dis fashion institute…where anything relating to fashion is done…sewing, monogramming, teaching etc

SMK: So, what is the smallest thing you can do to start something NOW in line with this your dream/plan?

JOB-SEEKER: I write…I enjoy writing.

SMK: So, what are you doing NOW that is COST EFFECTIVE to put your plans in line of realisation of that your dream/plan?

JOB-SEEKER: I try to write for sites but it doesn’t seem to be enough…I wanna get my work out there and hopefully I’ll get a job thru it

SMK: What else are you thinking of doing?

JOB-SEEKER: I’m thinking of maybe starting my own website…And building on it


I was invited to speak to some sets of students in a university, in the course of my engaging them, I asked them, “What are the SKILLS you have acquired/developed since you enrolled in this university?” Sincerely yours, I got no response from any of the students. They couldn’t link up their training with any skills. I had to explain to them, further. I gave them examples of some of the skills they could have picked up like, leadership skill, team-building skill, group dynamics skill, research skill, writing skill, speed reading skill, etc

Furthermore, I had to let them know that their degree certificates will be evidence of them passing through the lecture rooms of a higher institution but what will count more in the marketplace are the skills they can demonstrate that they have possessed. The skills they have developed are the TOOLS required in the marketplace. That is the REAL evidence of their 4/5 years of training.


Yours sincerely,
Sam Semako Jinadu,
Career Development Strategist,
Twitter: @careerwisenig
BB Pin: 281688A4

Live Your Dreams!


I Hate My Job!

We all love the Christmas/New Year break. It was a break for some to relax, reflect and re-strategise. But for some it was mainly for merriment and feasting and frolicking.

Then as we prepare to go back to work, some are eager to return to their jobs; others are SICK going back to that jobs they HATE with all their blood in them. To them, it is asking them to eat up the faeces (SHIT – in Nigerian parlance) of another person. Their work is SHIT. It irritates them.

If you LISTEN very well, you can even hear some of them shouting within, “I HATE MY JOB, SHIT!!!” Or you hear some say, “I hate this SHIT called a job!”

But then, we need to REFLECT on our work and why we hate them. True, some people HATE their jobs! All they like about the job is PAYDAY. Take away PAYDAY, the job is all CRAB. Trust me, that is how it is with many people out there.
Have you asked yourself, “Why do I HATE this job?” Of course, there are several reasons folks hate their jobs. In this blog post, I want to EMPHASISE just a point out of many reasons why people hate their jobs.

I came across a book some years ago. I cannot even remember the title any longer, but, there was a story inside by Selwyn Hughes that I copied out. I learned from the story.

Here, have the story & lessons I learned.

“Prior to becoming a minister I was a mechanical engineer. During the early part of my apprenticeship I was taught the different uses for different tools and then left on my own for a few hours to apply the knowledge I had gained. Unfortunately, I had not given my whole attention to what has been said and when given the task of dismantling a small (lathe) machine that needed to be removed to another part of the workshop. I ATTEMPTED TO MAKE A TOOL DO WHAT IT WAS NEVER INTENDED TO DO and FINISHED UP BREAKING IT! [The CRUX of the matter]

When I reported the fact to my supervisor and showed him the broken tool, he LOOKED at me in astonishment and said, ‘Tell me what you did.’ I proceeded to show him how I had tried to separate two pieces of equipment with the tool and how when it wouldn’t budge I pressed harder and harder until it broke.

“‘Weren’t you listening?’ He said angrily. ‘You have just cost the company a couple of hundred pounds. The tool you were using wAS NOT DESIGNED for that PURPOSE. Couldn’t you see by its very SHAPE and TEXTURE that is not what it is for?'”

1. Pay Attention.

Pay attention to who you are. Pay attention to your gifts/potential. Pay attention to what God is saying about you and your future.

2. Don’t Be Used For What

You Are Not Shaped To Do. We are so much focused on what we can get financially from a job that we throw OUR NATURE and DESIGN to the dust bin. Some of us studied the wrong course, and ventured out in the wrong direction. Some of us, because of pressure from home and high competition in the marketplace, we pick up any job that come our way. Hence, we are pressured unnecessarily in a job we are not SUITED for.

“If you are GIFTED and GRACED to be a STREET SWEEPER why stay a BANKER?!” – SMK

3. Too Much Pressure Breaks You If You Don’t Belong There.

Exertion of unwarranted strength would not give you the result. It is square peg in square hole that does the job. Find your fit.

4. You Waste Excessive Resources (Money, Time, Ideas, Relationships, Emotion, Spirituality, Intelligence, etc) When You Are Used For What You Are Not CREATED For.

You have wasted enough of that already, why not stop NOW! REFLECT.

5. Shape And TEXTURE Determines Purpose/Use. Different tools in mechanic tool box serves different purposes. You cannot use a spanner for what a screw driver will do. In other words, we need to find where you belong!

As you REFLECT on this piece, SHARE it with others by RECOMMENDING this BLOG: https://careerwiseconsults.wordpress.com

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People You Need to Know and Learn From: Japheth Joshua Omojuwa – Creating His Own Domain and Influence through Social Media

Japheth Omojuwa (born Japheth Joshua Omojuwa on 3 October 1984) is a Nigerian blogger, socio-economic and political commentator, environmental consultant and social media expert.

He is currently a lecturer (on Africa: Democratic prospects and challenges) at Free University, Berlin, Germany and a consul.

Omojuwa, through his social media presence, websites and articles, reaches some 500,000 people everyday and above that number across days during specific campaigns. He uses social media to good effect for advocacy, business and social commentary and his tweets have been branded by several brands and organizations,ref including Peak Milk, MTN,Interswitch amongst others.


He was born and bred in Lagos, attending the prestigious King’s College between 1995 and 2001. His university education was at the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun Statewhere he studied Agricultural Economics.


Japheth Omojuwa has graced economic, civil society and media development panels across several continents. He was a delegate at the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+ 20 in Brazil. He attended the Open Forum Conference at Cape Town’s International Convention Centre on the invitation of the Open Society in South Africa and has led panels organized by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD),The African Development Bank(AfDB), the Germany Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development BMZ, Heinrich Boell Stiftung amongst other local and international organisations.

Omojuwa has graced speaking platforms on universities and in cities across Nigeria and around the world from Washington to London, Lagos, Accra, Cape Town, Abuja, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, New York, Cologne, Dortmund and other cities.

In March 2012, he spoke alongside Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales at the Youth Marketer Converge Conference (YMC 2.0) in Lagos.

His pieces have appeared on several online and print mediums including Metropole Magazine, Sahara Reporters, BBC, Financial Times and ThisDay.
He is the creator of Naija Teenz, a platform of engagement and value orientation for Nigerian teenagers and the curator of Omojuwa which has since become a tool of expression for many Nigerians.


He was one of the outspoken voices during the #OccupyNigeria revolution of 2011, along with other key activists and coalitions, like Eggheader Odewale,Tolu Ogunlesi, Abang Mercy and Enough is Enough Nigeria.

He has been described as a “Force of Nature”, notably for his ability to create viral debates and campaigns on social media and he is a soldier in the quest of Nigeria’s Turning Point Generation to redefine the path for justice and development for the West African country.


He was the protagonist in a protracted battle with Arik Air after losing an iPad while onboard one of its domestic flights. The iPad was stolen during one of his many trips, and he subsequently reported the issue to the management which was unable to recover his prized device. This culminated in a breakdown of agreement between the two parties, with him claiming Arik was high-handed and careless while Arik maintained that the matter be settled as quietly as possible.

Soon, himself and 26 others were banned from flying on Arik Air aircraft in September of that year, a decision that was later rescinded when, about twenty-four hours after the list was released, the airline’s website was hacked, with rumours flying around that pro-Omojuwa techies were the perpetrators or that he was personally involved, an allegation he flatly denied. In addition, a new iPad was purchased for Omojuwa.

Awards and nominations

In 2012, YNaija named him one of the most influential young Nigerians under 35 in Business, Fashion, Media, Entertainment, Technology and Politics! with writer, Ifreke Inyang describing him in particular as “king of the click.”

In July 2012, he and another leading Nigerian social media expert, Blossom Nnodim (She is popular across major cities in Nigeriafor her social media educative start-up known as #AdoptATweep), were named ProMaCon Project Management Ambassadors, to use the social media and other platforms to educate their fans and followers on the ideals of project management and its indispensability to national development.

Source: Wikipedia

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Japheth Omojuwa: Let me tell you what you need to know about blogging!

Japheth Omojuwa: Let me tell you what you need to know about blogging!

“Integrate your blogging to your overall business plan. Be subtle about it. Don’t go selling to people directly. Subtlety wins all the time.”

I am taking a break off my usual socio-political content to focus on something else. Nigeria @ 53 has earned us a deluge of that content. This my own birthday gift to those who have been by my side over the last 56 or so months when I started my blog, Omojuwa.com

Some of what I will share here if put to use could be the difference between blogging for fun, blogging for nothing and blogging to make a difference. If you don’t have guts, don’t start a blog except you intend to blog for your friends and family alone. As a blogger your currency is your believability, don’t trade it for anything. If you blog on entertainment you can make friends with the players in the industry but don’t go begging them for money. The same goes for political blogging, you should actually get close to your subjects across party lines but you must set a marker by not collecting a dime from them. That really is enough to set you apart because most people who get close are there for the peanuts; what they call kwa among Abuja journalists.

Money is not the only thing you can get from blogging. If successful, money is the least. There are 2 major ways to make money from your blog: you can do that directly & indirectly. You can also combine both. Your direct income will come through adverts and sponsored press statements. The indirect income is the most fun because it comes with several benefits. I will use a scenario setting to make this point. Imagine blogging on interior decoration. Compared to an interior decorator that doesn’t blog, your blog opens a new vista for you. As an Interior Decorator Blogger, you don’t need everybody to read your blog like the gossip blogs. You just need those who value the beauty behind the art of interior decoration. If you blog it so well, you will soon be on your way around the world speaking about the blog and the joy of decorating. If you do it well, you will be getting big time private and corporate clients who will need your expertise. It starts with them reading your blog, trusting your views, asking you questions about interior decoration. One day they will need an expert interior decorator and it is you they will call because blogging about something regularly gives you the aura of an expert. That is why you must know your onions. I meet a lot of Africans abroad who were solely there to speak about their blogs.

Integrate your blogging to your overall business plan. Be subtle about it. Don’t go selling to people directly. Subtlety wins all the time. That way, you are making money off your blog but not yet directly. A time would of course come when a company, specifically targeting your audience will come to you. You are not blogging to be liked. This is not a fashion show. Trust me, most of those who abuse you will be addicted to your blog. They are often the first to read your opinion on issues. How do I know? When I don’t say anything about something, they cry all day. This is not a job for being liked; it is a job for being real.

You will piss some people off, you will be cursed and abused by others, as long as you are not telling lies, keep it up. You need ability. Even your friends will not read your blog if it is loaded with poorly written grammar. You need to know what you blog about inside out. You must be able to speak about it too. Tell stories. Real people want to hear about your pains and successes and about failed (successful) relationships.

You need a niche. You must own a space. You may have the ability to write on many things but you must own something. Others may hate Facebook, your job needs you to love it. It is one of your blog’s major pillars. If you will be blogging professionally, start a Facebook fan page already. Don’t play around with @Twitter, it is your blog in a mini format. As a blogger, you have no business locking your tweets. It is like gating your clients. If people follow your tweets, they are likely to follow your blog. Tweet about what you blog about. Don’t blog about dogs and constantly tweet about trees. You don’t have any competition but yourself.

Don’t do clichés. Don’t say what everybody says. Light a fire. Don’t be controversial for the sake of it but don’t be afraid of being controversial. Don’t hate on more successful Bloggers. They are not the reason you are not yet successful. Start your own conversations on social media. It doesn’t matter if others don’t join, just do your thing. Join other conversations but don’t join if you have nothing unique to add.

Your uniqueness is what sells not your loudness. Learn to evolve. Evolve to learn. It takes learning new ways to be the boss for a long time. Buy a real domain name. Yourname.com is always better than yourname.blogspot.com . Domain names are very cheap. They cost less than $20/year. When you start succeeding on your blog, give others a chance. Let them use your platform to blog. Allow them add their blogsite to their blogs on your blog. Give back. When you get abused on your blog, don’t delete the comments. It is a sign of your blogging success. As a blogger, your haters are a reward for a great job, especially when you know their hatred is based on envy. Even in #Nigeria, there are now thousands if not millions of Bloggers, find what stands you out and hone your skills. No matter the heights you achieve, never think you have arrived. Tomorrow, today’s successes will be mediocre. If you beat your numbers everyday or every week, you will succeed as a Blogger. You can blog on ANYTHING. Even something you think no one blogs about. Bloggers don’t have holidays. If you don’t blog for a week, you’ve lost a week’s worth of old and new readers. You owe your friends your friendship. You owe your fans respect. You owe your haters more success.

You will reap some fruits when you start succeeding. You will earn more friends and lovers. You will earn more haters. You are your own competition. Don’t run other people’s races. Whatever you do, always have fun. Blogging is essentially about having fun. Seek ye first that fun part J. Should you write for others for free? Should you allow people publish your articles on their blog if they give you credit?

Source: Y!/YNaija

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DREAMS, Really Do Come True!

Dreams, Really Do Come True…

“Dreams are those invisible, intangible, strong pulls upon our lives to what we need to achieve and who we need to be.” – SMK.

The itch to write…

The itch to sing…

The itch to create…

The itch to discover…

The itch to travel…

The itch to speak…etc

Is common to all,

But the zeal and the know-how to pursue,

The zeal and the know-how to follow through,

This is that which is not common to men,

But, Dreams, really do come true…

If followed after and followed through…

They (Dreams) are like North Star to be followed

When followed…they lead us to our “ROADS LESS TRAVELLED”

Sometimes, the Star may get lost in the cloudy terrain of life’s endeavour and challenges

But with patience and hope

It reappears to bring us to our desired end…

So, follow your North Star.

Written by Sam Semako Jinadu, (SMK)
Principal Consultant,
BB Pin: 281688A4

Every Sunday, I will PICK three (3) people who visits this BLOG and COMMENTS on the entries and SEND them GIFTS. Thank You!

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Live Your Dreams: An INTERVIEW with WALE SALAMI, Part 2

Live Your Dreams: An INTERVIEW with WALE SALAMI, Part 2

SMK!: Can you tell us more about that!

Wale Salami ™: So I walked into this roadside flower shop and told the owner I would like to ‘work-for-free!’. He was simply stunned to his marrow. Here standing before him, is a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate willing to do just anything, just so that he won’t sit idle at home. I got the job and also got paid handsomely!

I will say that a beautiful relationship began that day and he’s more like a mentor to me ever since. The next year, I moved higher and worked with an architectural firm learning the rudiment of designing. By the time my school asked us to go for IT, my experienced paid off and I got a placement with an Oil and Gas company, Addax Petroleum.

SMK!: Awesome! Before we go further, you earlier told us that you are a youth development and policy strategist. What does that mean?

Wale Salami ™: Well, it means I work on developing policies and programmes for youth development. I’m presently with the Youth Affairs Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat in Lusaka, Zambia. And our primary clients are the Ministries of Youth and youth development practitioners in Commonwealth countries across Africa and Europe.

We provide technical supports for them and develop home-grown policies to address the challenges young people in the Commonwealth face

SMK!: When will you say was the turning point your life?

Wale Salami ™: Well, it didn’t happen in one day! My lucky break came when I was approached by LEAP Africa to serve as the pioneer Programme Coordinator for a new leadership programme it just developed for Secondary School pupils.

My answer was a simple YES. I told them I would have done it even if I wasn’t gonna be paid.

The Leadership, Ethics and Civics (LEC) was funded by Nokia and made me transverse the length and breadth of Ogun state, which happened to be my home state. It also tested and sharpened my leadership skills. I had to coordinate over 2,000 Secondary School students and about 30 volunteers across 3 states in 2 years.

SMK!: Ok

Wale Salami ™: LEC still remains one of the best projects I’ve ever worked on because each time, I step into those classrooms to teach young people about leadership and how they could become a CHANGE AGENTS in their local communities was amazing.

SMK!: Really, you are someone I appreciate right from the first time we met online and then personally in Jos during your service and later in Lagos. What will you say differentiates you from the average nigerian youth/undergraduate/graduate?

SMK!: I am getting inspired!
Wale Salami ™: I really don’t think there’s so much of a difference. I’m not in any way different from the average Nigerian youth. The average young person in Nigeria is hardworking and is passionate about Nigeria

SMK!: Ok

Wale Salami ™: I’m not in any way different…

SMK!: Do you have “habits” or “daily rituals” as ROBIN SHARMA, a leadership expert would call it that sets you apart?

Wale Salami ™: Hmmm, well, I usually start my day with a ‘personal time’. I’m up mostly around 4-5am. I usually listen to an uplifting gospel song or a message usually from my Pastor, Sam Adeyemi or any other self development materials. I do a lot of meditation. My mobile device is loaded with messages and audio materials. That keeps me busy, most times. And I usually listen to them on my way to work. Its very hard to find me without my ear piece.

Wale Salami ™: I usually read a book for an hour daily.

SMK!: I just invited (Ernest) a friend to join in this interview.

Ernest: Good evening Mr Wale Salami!

Wale Salami ™: Good evening Ernest! Welcome onboard.

Ernest: It is a huge honour to be here!

Wale Salami ™: Same here, Ernest!

SMK!: What should youth be trading their TIME for?

Wale Salami ™: Hmmm, time is a convertible resource. They should exchange it for information, knowledge and meaningful relationships.

SMK!: Ok

Wale Salami ™: My time is my most valuable resource for me. I don’t joke with it.

SMK!: Ok

Ernest: When you say meaningful relationships, how does one check the value of any relationship?

Wale Salami : Value of Relationship? Very simple! Just ask yourself a question: Is this person going the same direction with me? If yes, invest more time. If not, cut it off.

SMK!: Awesome!

Ernest: Great!

Wale Salami ™: Relationship is time consuming. Thus it takes wisdom. I don’t make useless acquaintances. There’s none of my friends whose goals I don’t know. Everyone must bring something to the table.

Ernest: Cool! Well noted.

SMK!: Great!

Wale Salami ™: And I surround myself with loads of mentors.

Wale Salami ™: The first thing I did on getting to Zambia is to look for mentors. Got 3 already in less than 5 months.

SMK!: Ok

Wale Salami ™: One of my goal is to take a millionaire to lunch every month.

SMK!: Do we really understand mentoring in this part of the world?

Wale Salami ™: Well, some people still do.

SMK!: Ernest you better take me to lunch!

Ernest: Sure ! SMK that’s in my budget now.

SMK!: Wale, any time you happen to step into Jos again please let me know.

Ernest: Yes! In AIESEC we do not joke with mentors and coaches. We understand their differences and utilise accordingly.

Wale Salami ™: I usually pay for the lunch but I don’t leave the venue without a dividend on the investment.
SMK!: I will love you to have lunch with my beautiful family.

Wale Salami ™: Ok boss! Aww. That would be a privilege.

Ernest: Mr Wale kindly take a sample experience and explain in detail what you got in return?

Wale Salami ™: Ernest, its not quantifiable. Usually, I have prepared questions for them. Its a lunch but they are the ones eating, I’m usually taking notes more often than not.

Wale Salami ™: I usually ask them about challenges I’m presently going through.

Wale Salami ™: Some few years ago, I set a goal to buy 1 autobiography/biography every month.

Ernest: Understood!

Wale Salami ™: That experience taught me the importance of personal stories and templates. The secrets of great men are in their stories.

Ernest: Ok

SMK!: Wale, what you are sharing tonight is NOT TAUGHT in our schools!

Wale Salami ™: Can I go now sir? Have I answered all?

SMK!: OK. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

Ernest: What do you look for when choosing a mentor?

Wale Salami ™: Well, I look for experience, God-centred lifestyle, results.

Ernest: Ok…

Wale Salami ™:
Not necessarily perfect people. But honest and integrity men and women.

SMK!: We have to do this AGAIN! Looking forward to having you in Jos speak to the youth, undergraduates, graduates, and professionals!

Ernest: So proud of you sir!!! Thanks a lot. When can we have you in Jos sir?

Wale Salami ™: I will let you know whenever I’m in Naija. It would be my pleasure.

Ernest: May I connect with you on Twitter sir?

SMK!: To your success Wale, CHEERS!

Ernest: CHEERS!!

Wale Salami ™: Same here sir!

Wale Salami ™: Thanks for the time. Can’t wait to interview both of you too oh!

SMK!: Later! I love you greatman!!

Wale Salami ™: Love you too sir.

SMK!: Thanks! Most grateful!!

To your success
Semako (smk)
Career Development Strategist

Now, Wale Salami is living in Port Harcourt. He is the Programme Coordinator at Rainbow Foundation, managers of the Port Harcourt World Book Capital 2014 project. The Port Harcourt World Book Capital is a UNESCO initiative. The title ‘World Book Capital’ is conferred by UNESCO on a city in recognition of the quality of its programmes to foster the promotion of books and to encourage reading. This recognition makes Port Harcourt the 1st city in sub-Saharan Africa to be named a World Book Capital!

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Live Your Dreams: An INTERVIEW with WALE SALAMI (Y-Count Campaign, Most Outstanding Young Person’s Award Winner, etc.) Part 1

Live Your Dreams: An INTERVIEW with WALE SALAMI (Y-Count Campaign, Most Outstanding Young Person’s Award Winner, etc.)

On Tuesday, 18th September, 2012, I had an INTERVIEW with this purpose-driven guy. We met some few years ago online. After that, when he was posted to Jos, Plateau State for his NYSC, we met physically. Some months after, we met again in Daystar Christian Centre in Lagos.


Adewale James Salami is a youth development & policy expert, democracy & good governance advocate and a social media enthusiast. His experience spans across project incubation, execution & management, developing social media campaigns for social causes and policy development for youth organisations & government agencies.

Until recently, Wale was a Program Officer at Africa Women and Youth Organisation (AWYO) -a non-government, not-for-profit organisation with offices in Berlin and Abuja-Nigeria. At AWYO, he pioneered the highly successful ‘Y-Count Campaign’ (www.facebook.com/groups/ycount) – arguably one of the largest youth advocacy group in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa with a mandate of shaping the face of governance in Nigeria and across the African continent. Y-Count Campaign served and still serves as an advocacy tool in ensuring that voices of young people are heard in the election process and post-election events. Through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Y-Count reached over 50,000 young people and Wale served as the project lead across Nigeria with a number of personal appearances on electronic media broadcast, TV interviews and radio features.

As a democracy and good governance advocate, he played a crucial role in inspiring youth consciousness that gave birth to the infamous ‘Occupy Nigeria’ protests across several cities in January 2012.

Wale holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Lagos State University, Lagos-Nigeria and is an alumnus of the prestigious Youth Leadership Programme (YLP) – a program funded by Ford Foundation, International Youth Foundation (IYF) and Nokia. He is a recipient of the ‘Most Outstanding Young Person Award’ at the 6th Annual Nigerian Youth Leadership Awards (6ANYLA) in November 2009.

In September 2011, he was recognised and honoured as one of the ‘50 Youth Champions in Nigeria’ for his contributions to youth development in Nigeria by the Federal Ministry of Youth and served as a ‘think-tank’ for the Honourable Minister of Youth on youth policies and initiatives. He is also a member of the Political Transformation Group (a think-tank) of the Apostles In the Market Place (AiMP).

Salami is currently an Associate Fellow of the Young Professionals Programme at the Commonwealth Youth Programme Regional Centre for Africa (CYP RCA) of the Commonwealth Secretariat where he is involved in shaping national, regional and global policies on youth development. The Africa Centre (based in Zambia) responds to youth development for 22 countries of the Commonwealth including Cyprus, Malta, and United Kingdom. These 22 countries together have a total population of 347, 339, 251 million people.

Wale wants to be remembered as a witty but devoted husband, a disciplined but considerate father, an accommodating son, an uncomplicated but atypical brother, an unpredictable but dependable friend, an uncompromising but trustworthy colleague, a visionary pan-Africanist, and a saint in the hereafter.
He lives in Lusaka Zambia.

SMK!: Good evening sir! How was your day?

Wale Salami ™: Evening boss! It was great and yours?

SMK!: How is the leadership training going? I mean DYLP.
Wale Salami ™: Its been awesome so far.

SMK!: Great!

SMK!: Are we good to go on our interview (proposed)?

Wale Salami ™: Hmmm! How long will it last sir? Cos I’m just getting into the office to check up on DYLP.

SMK!: Ok. Can you afford between 30 To 45 minutes.

Wale Salami ™: I’m attending a policy drafting course throughout this week organized by OSISA and as such I’m not supposed to be in the office this week but DYLP hasn’t allowed me to do that.

SMK!: Ok. Let’s start. And we end when you want to.

Wale Salami :Ok. I’m good to go. Pls proceed sir.

SMK!: Great! Welcome to CAREER-WISE 101!

Wale Salami ™: Thanks!

SMK!: Can we get to know you sir? Who is WALE SALAMI?

Wale Salami ™: WS is a youth development and policy strategist and a social media buff.

I believe Africa’s greatest asset reside in her young people, who accounts for the largest bloc in its population.

SMK!: Is that what you studied in higher institution? How did you get to where you are now?

Wale Salami ™: Not at all. I studied Mechanical Engineering in school but I discovered in my 2nd year that I had a flair for development works. I decided to try my hands on a few things so I applied for the Youth Leadership Programme (YLP), a programme organized by LEAP Africa in 2006 and that was the beginning of my journey into the world of development works.
Going through the YLP was a life-changing experience for me.

SMK!: Great! Looking back over the past years, what has it cost you to be where you are today?

Wale Salami ™: Cost, hmmm. . . It hasn’t all being a rosy journey. I’ve had to shut doors on opportunities/career in Engineering to chase after my passion. At first many friends and family thought I was mad but although, I was a bit scared too at first, I had this confidence that it will be fine at the end. If it isn’t fine, then it isn’t the end yet!

SMK!: Hmmm!

Wale Salami ™: One thing that has been very helpful, from day one, has been my passion for volunteering. I can humbly say I’m a product of volunteering. I started working since my 1st year in school. I never liked the idea of staying at home during holidays and semester break, so I always look for where I could intern/volunteer during holidays. My first year interning experience was with a flourist in Ikorodu. I simply couldn’t live with the idea of seating at home watching TV when I could trade that time for something valuable.

Thanks for reading!

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Top 10 Bad Excuses for Staying in a Job You Hate

Top 10 Bad Excuses for Staying in a Job You Hate

If you’re unhappy at work, I’m sure that the thought “Man, I really should quit!” crosses your mind occasionally.

So why don’t you?

Even if you long desperately to quit, to get away from your horrible workplace, annoying co-workers or abusive managers, you may hesitate to actually do anything about it, because right on the heels of that impulse come a lot of other thoughts that hold you back from quitting.

Each of these excuses may sound to you like the voice of sanity, offering perfectly good reasons why it is in fact better to stay and endure that bad job just a little longer, but look a little closer, and they don’t really hold up. What they do instead is keep you trapped in a job that is slowly but surely wearing you down.

Here are 10 of the most common bad excuses for staying in a bad job.

#1 “Things might get better”

That jerk manager might be promoted out of there. That annoying co-worker could quit.That mound of overwork could suddenly disappear.

On the other hand, things might also get worse. Or they might not change at all. If you’ve already done your best to improve your job situations and nothing’s happened, just waiting around for things to improve by themselves make little sense.

#2 “My boss is such a jerk but if I quit now, he wins.”

Who cares. This is not about winning or losing, this is your life. Move on, already.

#3 “I’m not a quitter.”

Well guess what these somewhat successful people have in common: Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Tiger Woods, Reese Witherspoon, John McEnroe and John Steinbeck?

Yep, they all dropped out of Stanford.

The old saying that “Winners never quit and quitters never win” is just plain wrong and leaving a bad job is just common sense.

#4 “I’ll never get another job”

Well not if you stay in your current job while it slowly grinds you down, you won’t! Move on now while you still have some self-confidence, motivation and energy left.

#5 “If I quit I’ll lose my salary, status, company car, the recognition of my peers, etc.”

Yes, quitting a job carries a price and that makes it scary. We all know this intimately.

But few of us ask this question: What is the price of staying in a job that makes you unhappy?

That price can be very high. It can ruin your work life but also your marriage, your family life, your health, your self-esteem and your sanity. Not all at once, but a little bit every day.

#6 “Everywhere else is just as bad”

That’s just nonsense. There are plenty of great workplaces in every industry.

#7 “I’ve invested so much in this job already”

You may have sacrificed a lot of time, energy and dignity already in attempts to make things better. This will make it more difficult for you to call it quits.

I’m reminded of how Nigerian email scammers sucker in people. At first it’s a small investment, but then the amounts grow and grow. At each step the victim is reluctant to stop because that would mean losing all the money he’s spent so far.

Quit anyway. Staying on is just throwing good time after bad.

#8 “I’ll lose my health insurance.”

I have a lot of sympathy for this argument. Where I live (Denmark), everybody gets free health care regardless of their employment situation so I can’t imagine the leverage this must give employers.

One answer: Start looking for another job with similar health benefits.

Also: Ask yourself what good job related health insurance is if your job is actually making your sick – which bad jobs can absolutely do.

#9 “My job pays very well”

I have zero sympathy for this argument. I don’t care how well your job pays; if it makes you unhappy it’s not worth it.

Quite the contrary, if you make a lot of money now, use that financial security to quit and find a job that’ll make you happy.

#10 “Quitting will look bad on my CV”

Whereas staying for years in a job that grinds you down and goes nowhere will look excellent.

The upshot

Many of us would be much happier at work if we quit bad jobs sooner. I’ve talked to many people who have finally managed to quit a bad job and only wished they’d done it sooner. I have yet to meet a single person who quit a crappy job only to wish they’d stayed on longer.

You may have perfectly good reasons to stay in your crappy job – all I’m saying is that it pays to examine those reasons very closely to make sure that they hold up.

‘Cause it may just be the fear talking.

Your take

What do you think? Have you ever been stuck in a lousy workplace? What kept you from leaving? What finally made you quit? Please write a comment, I’d love to hear your take.

The author is Alexander Kjerulf AKA The Chief Happiness Officer is one of the world’s leading experts on happiness at work and the best-selling author of 3 books including Happy Hour is 9 to 5.

He speaks and consults in businesses all over the world, including leading organizatons like IBM, Hilton, LEGO, HP, IKEA and many others.

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Live Your Dreams: An Interview with Akin Ibitoye, A Radio Presenter, CEO ITooKnow.


Interview with AKIN IBITOYE (ITooKnow)

I met him in Lagos State University while I was studying Philosophy and he was studying Physics.

He comes across as a VERY young man but in terms of information and knowledge you would mistake him for a VERY old man. He had never stepped in into a computer school but he is a terrific COMPUTER MAINTAINACE EXPERT. He has LOADS of other information that can help your career or business.

I got loads of materials from him the last time I was in Lagos.

SMK: Great day greatman!

SMK: How is work going?

Akin Ibitoye: Growing gradually. Thank God

SMK: Ok. What is on the front burner?

Akin Ibitoye: We just finished our Technology in Business Workshop for SMEs.


Akin Ibitoye: Next is starting our Tech TV Show

SMK: And next?

Akin Ibitoye: Expanding our Radio reach by adding more stations to the 2 we already air on

SMK!: Ok

Akin Ibitoye: Syndicating our columns in the dailies

Akin Ibitoye: We’re already writing for 2 technology newspapers now. We just changed office space as well, from opebi, heading towards Magodo Isheri.

SMK!: What are the three LESSONS You learned from the tech workshop that you people did?

Akin Ibitoye:
1. People know what’s good for them, but wouldn’t go out of their way to get it.
2. Sponsors respond to cold hard facts, figures & stats.
3. Technology in Business can only work via the synergy between the IT & Business Sector.

SMK!: Ok

SMK!: What do you mean?

Akin ibitoye:
1. This would inform the creation of customised solutions that fit into this environment. Not the one-size-fits-all imports that we’re usually pleased with.

2. If you want sponsors for your program, prove that you have the ear of 1,000 people (their target market) and you can get them into a place on a certain day, they will not commit fully being the first time, but they will do just about enough to get your attention. They need the people, you have them, so, they will sponsor (barring any internal bureaucratic anomalies).

SMK!: If you are to do this again what would you do differently?

Akin Ibitoye:
1. Start registration 2 months prior to the workshop date.
2. Take publicity from the web to the streets.
3. Approach corporate clients to send in their IT staff, or reps.
4. Approach Churches to sponsor folks from their entrepreneurial classes, Business Forums, et al.
5. Approach students in the University via Campus Fellowships. The Business Oriented ones at least.

SMK!: Would you say the web is an effective or not effective way of publicising an event?

Akin Ibitoye: Not at all. It depends on your target audience. SME (small and medium size entrepreneurs) owners around here are anything but Internet savvy, so, the web was ineffective in this case.

On the flip side, its proven very effective for IT related programs featuring young folks.

SMK!: What do you think is the greatest need of an undergraduates in our society today?

Akin Ibitoye: Their working and applicable knowledge. They don’t need all these junk theories that are decades old and lack practicability in the 21st century.

Not, all the calculations drummed into my head for 8years and I can’t remember a single jot of it right now. Even the computer science students are just wasting their time in Nigerian public universities.

SMK!: How can they go about that?

Akin Ibitoye: They have to take their lives into their own hands. The Educational system around here is paraplegic at best, its a cookie cutter.

You have to take charge of your own learning. The school will not cater to your individual needs, they are too focused on their bottom lines to care. They want to churn out grads, and that’s it.

You want to learn, solve problems, you have to learn how.

SMK!: If you are talking to undergraduates what are the 3 things you would tell them to do, 3 things not to do, 3 things to watch out for?

Akin Ibitoye:
To Dos:
1. Find what you’re good at, look for people doing it, and go intern for them.

2. Go on the internet, find and download books, videos, magazines that have to do with what you are good at, rub minds with authorities in the field.

3. Start rendering your services for free to gain experience, that is the 2-5 years working experience employers usually look for (if you’re looking to work for someone).

Akin Ibitoye:
Don’t do::
1. Don’t compare yourself with the most brilliant person in your class, it’s too depressing, you’re all wired differently.
2. Don’t think money is your problem, it never is. When you know better, you will do better. Get knowledge, and your problems will be half-solved.
3. Don’t delay starting out, there is not enough time. The 4 years you think you have will become 4 weeks before you can say jack-robinson!

Watch Out for:
1. Detractors – folks who would want to discourage you, telling you to take it easy, one step at a time, there is time. Don’t mind them, don’t run at anybody’s pace.
2. Competitors – not in the traditional sense, there are some of your peers that envy you, and will do anything you do, just so as to compete with you, don’t be fazed, just be you, and be sure you are getting close to the 10,000 hour rule.
3. Hurdles – anything worth doing will first get harder before it gets easier, so is anywhere worth going, will get more difficult before the road gets smoother. So you should be prepared to do inconvenient things just to get knowledge, and practice what you’ve learned, so they can stick.

SMK!: How would you describe yourself to my audience?

Akin Ibitoye: Akin places a high value on aesthetic qualities and possess a great need for self-expression.

He enjoys working independently, being creative, using his imagination, and constantly learning something new.

He studied Physics at Lagos State University, now a Computer Maintenance Expert who features on a couple of Technology programs on Radio in the Lagos area.
His whole life can be summarised into this: “Helping others become the best they could be by committing all resources at his disposal for their benefit.”

Akin is an innovator who has discovered that we all can’t be CEOs, some are wired to be managers that make the CEO look good, and this has been evident in all the businesses and non-profit organizations where he has had the opportunity to serve.

His light-hearted nature will show forth in the animated manner with which he communicates his message, try not to get carried away by his gymnastics because embedded in them are truth serums that you need to move from one level of productivity to another.

You can reach him via twitter: @aibitoye

SMK!: Awesome!:

How did you get to this point of discovery?

Akin ibitoye: I had a coach, Tubosun Olude.
He came after me in December 2006. He said I had potentials and he would like to help me polish it, and make it marketable. I had no idea what he was yapping about, but I said ok.


Akin Ibitoye: When it was apparent that I would have an extra year at LASU, I was already thinking of bailing out, he talked me out of it. So, I stayed. I had already figured physics wasn’t going to work for me in 100L, so, I had started spending all my time in Cybercafes for Night Browsing, twice a week

SMK!: Ok

Akin Ibitoye: I would learn about web designing, using html

SMK!: Ok

Akin Ibitoye: No money to print, so, I would write out the codes, and in school the next day, I would be thinking codes, and how they come together. That was in 2002, but I wasn’t able to buy a computer for myself until Jan 2007.

SMK!: What you are sharing will be a great INSIGHT to someone out there !

Akin Ibitoye: Somehow, I learned all through those years.

SMK!: Ok

Akin Ibitoye: I have never stepped into a Computer School before!

SMK!: Hmmm!

Akin Ibitoye: All I know now, I learned on the internet.
While many were chatting away, I was downloading and watching videos, tutorials.

SMK!: Waoh!

Akin Ibitoye: I was downloading Magazines, Books, reading, like my life depended on it
Somehow, looking back now, it did.
Physics was a dud, so, I needed to prove a point.

SMK!: That’s great!

Akin Ibitoye: Through all this, I must say, I am blessed with a remarkable Family! My parents were in the loop from day 1. They supported me. That goes a long way in determining if one would succeed as an outlier or not.

SMK!: Yeah! You reminded me of the author of BLINK – Malcolm Gladwell!
I hope you will tell us of the ‘ITooKnow’ days?!

Akin Ibitoye: Sure!
I had surgery in Sept 2009 and while in the hospital, I was taking stock of my life and all I had (not physical cash now) but Information (worth over N2.5m back then but I had no idea). So after days of deliberation, I decided to sell the information.

I thought of names and came up wth Corn Seller, got that from Proverbs 11:26 in the Bible.
Then Maize Seller, Corn Monger, er al
After some days more, iTOOknow was the decision. First because it was unique, had a play on words.

SMK!: Ok

Akin Ibitoye: iTOOknow is an information service that seeks to help individuals and organisations increase their productivity by providing them with relevant and up-to-date knowledge in their field of interest.

I found out that there was information constipation due to the vast amount of info available on the internet, and this was undermining peoples ability to get the best out of the time spent online. These were the questions that gave birth to iTOOknow.

I started searching for clients as soon as I left the hospital, using my Nokia 2626 phone. A very basic phone, but got the job done. I would send folks messages on facebook about having solutions for their businesses.

That was in October 2009, I got my first paying client in January 2010 and that was the beginning.

SMK!: Ok

SMK!: Great having this chat interview with you!

SMK!: What would be your parting shot for an undergraduate, graduate, and a professional?

Akin Ibitoye: The true measure of my life is this – how many lives are better just because they came in contact with me, how many hearts have I left my footprints in, how many of myself have I been able to reproduce in others. This makes me give each day, each person, each opportunity, my bestest best shot.
Life is beautiful, I love mine, do you?

SMK: Great!

SMK: Have a great day!

Akin Ibitoye: You too sir!

Live Your Dreams!

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I want to APPRECIATE all my friends who have DOWNLOADED and READ my book; THANK YOU!

People have started DOWNLOADING the book.

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Why Do You Need BBM CHANNEL for Your Business?!

Take Advantage of BBM CHANNEL

In the BlackBerry Live 2013 General Session, the announcement of introducing the launch of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Channels was made.

You may be asking, “What is BBM CHANNEL?!” I did too when I first saw it.

In a nutshell, BBM Channels is a new SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT PLATFORM within BBM that will allow people to connect to businesses, brands, celebrities and groups they like or passionate about.
When queried on the rationale behind BBM Channels, Andrew Bocking, SVP, Software Product Management at BlackBerry said that the company has received numerous requests from BBM users to make BBM Groups bigger.

BBM Groups allow users to create chat rooms of up to 30 participants where pictures, lists and events can be shared.

So how does BBM Channels work? Now, let’s take a look:

1. Channels Use PINs
Similar to how BB users add each other on BBM, subscribing to Channels require you to key in the PIN.

2. You can also browse (SEARCH) through the Featured Channels on BBM to subscribe directly.

3. Alternatively, there is an option to scan bar codes to subscribe.

At the initial point of the introduction of BBM Channel, there were only eight BBM Channels available which include the official BlackBerry Channel and the official Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team. But now, we have so many Channels you will really like.

There are Channels on relationship, love, career, business, etc. You can also create your own too in any field or genre.

Each Channel has its personalised profile, which can include additional content such as welcome messages, images, maps, BBM Pin, email address, URLs and more. It also gives a brief overview of what the channel is all about.

After subscribing to the channels that you are interested in, you will be kept up-to-date with instant notifications from the channel owners. When a channel posts something new, the signature notification icon will appear on the top right corner.
According to BlackBerry, subscribers can choose whether they would like to be notified via the BBM Channel mute button. Users can opt in or out.

If you are a regular user of Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram, you will find the user interface of the BBM Channel familiar. First, it adopts the same white background seen in the other three social networks. Second, you can engage the channel by commenting or liking the posts. Some channels can choose to disable comments.

Chat, will allow users to get close to the channel owners by having private conversations via BBM. As a result, businesses, brands, sports teams and celebrities can use BBM Channels to reach out to a broader audience.

Anyone can create, edit and publish a BBM Channel within minutes. There are no limits to the number of followers and you can manage it from a BlackBerry device or the web. Channel owners can make use of the built-in measuring tools (Reactions and Stats) to assess and monitor engagement and interaction.

Of course, YES!
BBM Channels provide you with valuable opportunities for both you and users (brands, celebrities, sports teams etc) to reach out to a wider audience via mobile advertising, messages, conversations, engagements, etc. With over 60 million BBM users actively using the service and BBM becoming cross-platform, this is indeed a chance for you to spread wide your brand.

Currently, BlackBerry states that its main focus is on building the user base and the user experience. Although it has plans to monetise BBM Channels, this will not be its immediate priorities. In addition, BlackBerry has no plans to bring BBM Channels over to the Windows Phone platform after taking into consideration its users’ feedback.

Live Your Dreams!


Abolaji Sewhude Akande, Publisher, CITYMOOD Magazine

Abolaji Sewhude Akande, Publisher, CITYMOOD Magazine


I had an interview with a dynamic, enterprising young man. He is an author, and a publisher.

Please enjoy the interview!

SMK!: Good day greatman! How is your day.

SMK!: How free are you now?

Abolaji Sewhude Akande: Good evening sir.

Abolaji Sewhude Akande: I can spare the moment sir.

SMK!: Ok sir.

SMK!: Welcome to CAREER-WISE 101!

Abolaji Sewhude Akande: I’m honoured sir

SMK!: I would like to have a CHAT INTERVIEW with you sir.

SMK!: May we get to KNOW you?

Abolaji Sewhude Akande: I’m Abolaji Sewhude Akande, an entrepreneur with special interest in community publishing and cultural tourism. I’m an author and publisher of CityMood Magazine

SMK!: I like those two words “COMMUNITY PUBLISHING”. How did you come about?

Abolaji Sewhude Akande: I’ve always held on to the belief that it’s easier to make a world impact by creating an impact in one’s world. Hence, I have targeted my publishing to revolve around the community. At CityMood, we publish a magazine that is community centered and geared at first impacting that community and also selling the community to the world.

Our publications also involve books about the potentials of the community and about its role models.

SMK!: Ok

SMK!: Who/what INSPIRED you in that line of thinking?

Abolaji Sewhude Akande: The inspiration for this is gotten from my desire to effect a change. And I realised the best place to start the change is from the immediate communities. I felt I could start a business model that could brand and promote the community while making ends meet and doing what I love to do

SMK!: Great!

Abolaji Sewhude Akande: Thanks sir

SMK!: So, at what point in your life did you decided to go into this?

Abolaji Sewhude Akande: I’ve always been an entrepreneur. I remembered making coconut cakes, coconut sweet and selling within my suburb while growing.

In the university, I made decorations and even paint rooms for my colleagues. I have always loved to be an entrepreneur.

But the idea of publishing came in my final year when the Dean of Student Affairs Prof R.O. Ayeni advised me to write a book because, according to him, he loves the letters I wrote as the General Secretary of the Students’ Union. I eventually did and it was reviewed in some national dailies. The idea to go into publishing started from there.

SMK!: Which university did you finished from? And your discipline?

Abolaji Sewhude Akande: I graduated from the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso with a bachelors degree in Computer Science.

SMK!: How were you able to source capital for your venture?

Abolaji Sewhude Akande: During my Service Year at Abakaliki, I entered for the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN/NYSC Business Plan Competition and came out first runner-up in Ebonyi State. This attracted a cash price that formed a substantial amount of my capital.

Additional funds was gotten from my personal savings

SMK!: What percentage was your personal savings?
Abolaji Sewhude Akande: That’s about 16.7%

SMK!: From your experience and the experiences of others, what will be your CANDID advice for someone out there THINKING OF starting a business in your line or in any other business?

Abolaji Sewhude Akande: The person must have a good idea backed up with a good business plan. It’s easy to start a business but when the storms come, and they’ll surely come, it’s the idea that will stand for itself and your plan which must have envisaged some of these challenges that will help you to keep in track. Those are the basics.

SMK!: What were the challenges you faced at inception? How were you able to overcome the challenges?

Abolaji Sewhude Akande: One of the challenges was finding quality and experienced employees. In the end, I had to employ people who learned on the job as primary staff; while I employed the services of experienced professionals on freelance basis.

SMK!: Ok

SMK!: How profitable has your venture being so far?

Abolaji Sewhude Akande: We are yet to break even, but the indices are there that it’ll soon be eureka.

SMK!: Will you like to do this all over again?

Abolaji Sewhude Akande: We’re just a little over 2years into this and sincerely it’s been wonderful. I’ll love to do this again and again.

SMK!: After your NYSC did you work anywhere?

Abolaji Sewhude Akande: No, I did not.

SMK!: So, you just went straight into publishing?

Abolaji Sewhude Akande: I had already drawn a plan for that while in school. The bigger picture was already in place so when the time and resources came through, it was easy for me to kick-start things. Before then, I actually sought employment unsuccessfully, hoping to generate funds from there before it was announced, a year later, that I had won a sum.

SMK!: I have passion for undergraduates, graduates, and professionals. What will you say to them. Most Nigerian students graduate and eventually find themselves without any job for two to five years. If you are to give them advice from 1 to 3, what will they be?

Abolaji Sewhude Akande: One of the Greek philosophers said “in all knowing, know thyself”. I advise that as undergraduates, we should discover our area of competence or influence. Having found that, there is the need to understand that the essence of a degree is not to get a white collar job; all of us can’t get a job – some of us have to create it. It is also essential to start an enterprise small and it’ll grow big; afterall, scriptures say we should not despise the days of little beginnings. Because in wanting to start big, we may not start at all.

SMK!: Ok

SMK!: Secondly?

Abolaji Sewhude Akande: That’s 3 in 1 I gave you:
1. Knowing one’s area of competence.
2. Having the right mindset. 3. Starting small.

SMK!: Thanks for giving us your time! May God grant you SPEED and ACHIEVEMENT in your chosen career path!

Abolaji Sewhude Akande: The honour is mine. Amen sir!

SMK!: To your success!

SMK!: Regards to your team!

To your success,
Semako (smk)
Career Development Strategist
BB Pin: 281688A4

NOTE: Friends, You can write your comments!

Live Your Dreams!

Customer Loyalty

Create True Customer Loyalty: 10 Rules BY Geoffrey James

True customer loyalty means making the relationship more important than making the sale.

Customer loyalty comes from having a strong relationship with your customers. When they see you as a friend and ally, they’re reluctant to jump ship, even if it means they can get something a little cheaper.
Creating such relationships requires both the right attitude and the right behaviors, according to Jerry Acuff, author of The Relationship Edge in Business. Here’s some advice he gave me a while back:

1. Make relationships your priority. Customers immediately sense if you’re using them (and the relationship) to work your own agenda. Put the relationship first and treat it as more important than making the sale. Your customers will sense you’ve got their best interests at heart.

2. Get curious about people. People are drawn to those who show a true interest in them. Honest (but non-intrusive) curiosity helps you understand how you can better help your customers, while giving you the opportunity to learn new things and make new connections.

3. Be consistent and reliable. People only offer loyalty to those whom they trust. Customers decide whether to trust you based upon your day-to-day behavior . If it’s unpredictable, they’ll shy away. If it’s consistent over time, they’ll know you can be counted on.

4. Let yourself be vulnerable. Pretending to be Superman just alienates people. Building a relationship requires discovering the areas where you and your customer can work best together. This is only possible if you’re willing to admit your weaknesses and limitations.

5. Keep an open mind. If you walk into a customer meeting absolutely convinced that the customer needs your offering, the customer will sense you’re close-minded… and become close-minded in return. An open mind helps the customer be open to the relationship.

6. Be willing to recommend competitors. When you’re open to the idea that the customer might be better served elsewhere, your customer will begin thinking of you as a trusted adviser and consultant rather than a salesperson trying to make your numbers.

7. Have real conversations. A customer meeting should be a conversation and never a “sales call.” Always spend more time listening to the customer rather than talking to the customer. (And never, ever talk at a customer. No sales pitches!)

8. Be a professional. Customer want to do business with individuals who are serious about what they do, and willing to take the time to achieve a deep understanding of their craft, their industry, and the how the customer’s business works.

9. Cultivate fearless integrity. Never be afraid to take a stand, even when it’s unpopular with your customer or your company. That does not mean being picking unnecessary fights, but it does mean being willing to make decisions based upon what you know is right.

10. Decide to make selling more fun.Building great relationships is not just good business, it’s also great fun. Consider: wouldn’t you rather spend time with people whom you like (and who like you in return) rather than trying to manipulate people into buying stuff they don’t need?

Live Your Dreams!

5 Tips for Enhancing Your Personal/Organisational Brand in 2014 by Sam Semako-Jinadu, Lead Consultant, CAREER-WISE CONSULTS, Jos, Plateau State

5 Tips for Enhancing Your Personal/Organisational Brand in 2014

Our Brand Specimen is Nnodim Blossom, @blcompere on Twitter.

In today’s world, it’s very important that business owners, businesses, individuals, employees, job-seekers build a proper personal brand online and offline.

In order for you to develop an online brand that leads to offline interactions and opportunities, here are five keys to building your personal brand through social media:

1. Be Authentic/Be Real!
There is no point trying to be someone who you are not. There is only one you, so show the world the stuff you possess. You can’t give what you don’t have. Don’t misrepresent yourself. Be real.

In building your personal brand, remember to highlight everything that makes you special, unique, different and valuable. Then express them.

2. Know the value you have to offer. What are you excellent at that you can offer the world? That is the fulcrum on which your personal brand will hinges. That is what you should share it with others. What are the top one or two qualities/attributes that make you unique? You should show the value you can offer others through your social platforms. You can’t be an expert on everything, and the more specific you are about the value you share with others, the more relevant you’ll become with your followers.

3. Create content that adds value. Your followers or friends value VALUABLE, USEABLE information! The best way to position yourself as a thought leader or expert is to add value to the lives of your followers online. Once you know what makes you valuable, determine how you can use your knowledge, skills and expertise to make other people’s live easier and better. What knowledge do you have that could help someone struggling to figure out something, or a business idea, or inspire, or educate someone? What experiences have you learned from that could help an individual avoid making the same mistakes as you? You can quickly build and strengthen your brand using social media by blogging or engaging others on Twitter or in LinkedIn groups.

4. Celebrate others more than yourself. I do that especially on twitter on Thursday if I am not (#iRecommend) too busy offline. Social media does a great job of revealing people’s true intentions. If you want to develop a personal brand that people respect and gravitate toward, you need to be a person that celebrates and highlights others. Do this often, with wisdom though!

5. Be INTENTIONAL and DELIBERATE on social media platforms.
Do you just post or tweet? No! Every post or tweet must have an intention or purpose you want to achieve. Well, you should decide the purpose your posts and tweets should serve. Like I said in one of our earliest class, every tweet or post of yours CREATE an IMPRESSION or PAINT pictures in people’s mind of the kind of person o or brand that you are.

Enjoy. Please give me your feedback?!

Live Your Dreams!

You Need Money – Les Brown

Get serious! Look for ways to create multiple streams of income! It’s better to have money and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Collaborate with family and/or friends on projects that allow you to create a more solid financial future, as well as those that give you a sense of purpose and meaning. Learn about how to make your money work for you instead of always working for the money!!

Spend time actively thinking of ways to increase your financial well-being. No one will care more about it…than you will. Whatever you do…don’t do the same old thing. Try something new for yourself and for your future!! You have something special. You have GREATNESS within you!

Live Your Dreams!